DBA in Management and Technology

The DBA in Management and Technology is an executive doctoral program for professionals with extensive experience. The program is designed for those who want to make a direct impact on their organizations, industry and communities through improved management practice .

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20 seats available each year for new candidates

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Doctor of Business Administration, degree awarded by the Comillas Pontifical University.

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"The program is a result of the collaboration between Comillas ICADE and Comillas ICAI."

DBA in Management and Technology

The DBA in Management and Technology is an executive doctoral program for professionals with extensive experience. The DBA in management and Technology program is designed for those who want to make a direct impact on their organizations, industry and communities through improved management practice.

It is a three-year program, combining short courses in the first half of the program, along with research and innovation. Graduates obtain the Comillas Pontifical University degree of Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

The program is taught in collaboration between Comillas ICADE (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and Faculty of Law) and Comillas ICAI (School of Engineering). This strategic alliance, together with the humanistic tradition of the Comillas Pontifical University, is key to comprehensively addressing challenges and new business opportunities offered by technology. In addition, this executive doctoral degree will provide professionals with outstanding networking and educational opportunities.

The DBA is directed at experienced professionals employed full-time, with more than twenty years of meaningful work experience, or fifteen years of work experience who already hold an MBA or equivalent graduate degree. It requires successful defense of a dissertation.

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What makes us different

Group 3


Update Knowledge

With the aim to develop a new kind of “scholarly practitioner” by focusing on applied research into contemporary management that problems involve a high level of understanding of new technologies and their possibilities when applied to the business environment.

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Embrace an intellectual challenge

Previous managerial and leadership experience are key to those who wish to make a significant contribution to the enhancement of professional practice in the field of management. The process, which will lead to this transformation, will be undertook via the critical review and the systematic application of appropriate theories and research to the professional practice.

ICO 04


Prepare for the second half of your career.

Graduates of the program will add to their extensive management experience a demonstrated ability to understand the unique challenges technology brings to management at the level of the Board of Directors of any firm.

Alberto Ares

DBA in Management and Technology

"Our DBA prepares candidates for the complex analysis and decision-making required of leaders facing the disruption and opportunity brought about by new technologies"

Carlos Bellón Núñez-Mera
Ph.D. in Finance, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
DBA Director

All you need to know


Admissions Process

  1. Follow this link to fill up the registration form
  2. Email admisiones:
    • A signed copy of the registration form
    • A copy of your National Identity Card (DNI) or Passport
    • A copy of your CV
    • Accreditation of having a graduate degree
  3. Interview with the Program Director


Important Dates


Admission to the program will be determined on a rolling basis, between February 2020 and June, 30th 2020

Course starts: September, 2020


Applicant Profile/Requirements and Documentation



The DBA in Business and Technology is aimed towards the following profiles:

• 20 years of professional experience.
• 15 years + Master's degree program in the fields of MBA, Economy, Finance, Marketing, Management or Research.
• 15 years + CFA credential.
• Other profiles could be assessed upon consideration of their career and professional life impact.

Additional requirements
English level: B2 minimum and C1 highly recommended.

Information notice on the documents to be summited


Information on Financial Aid, Grants and Scholarships


Pilar Drake email:


Contact Information


Contact Information
Alberto Aguilera, 23 - 28015 Madrid
Tel.: 91 542 2800
Pilar Drake email:


To Apply for Admission


Admission is competitive. The following aspects will be assessed:
• Candidate's professional career impact
• Management roles
• Candidates’ diversity

Application for admission

Who are you going to study with and what are you going to learn

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Academic Planning

The DBA is structured in two phases:

During the first one and a half years, participants take part in advanced training courses and define their research questions. At the end of this phase, and after a successful evaluation of a research proposal, participants obtain the Advanced Program in Management and Technology degree.

During the second year, and specially the third, participants conduct their research and write the DBA thesis that they must defend at the end of the third year.

Throghout the entire program, and as a lifelong learning proposal for alumni, the University will offer specialized training pills about issues relevant to management and technology

Year 1

  • Advanced training courses (12 weekends)
  • Intensive course (1 week)*

Year 2

  • Advanced training courses (4 weekends)
  • Intensive course (1 week)*
  • Collaborative working sessions (2 weekends)
  • Individual Research
    (*) Can be taken either during the first or second year, optionally both.

Year 3

  • Collaborative working sessions (3 weekends)
  • Individual Research
  • Thesis defense

Advanced Training Courses

Business Research Methods (1 weekend)
Learn specific skills of the research process. Identify a suitable research question. Planning a DBA thesis. Learn the quality criteria for high-quality research.

Analytics for Strategic Thinking (5 weekends)
Data analysis tools and the interpretation of their results oriented to the decision making process. Get to know the area of application of the different Machine Learning techniques.

Management and Innovation (2 weekends)
Understand the role of innovation and change within an organization in value creation. Identify innovation opportunities. Develop tools to promote and manage innovation processes. Understand the interrelation of people, processes and technology.

Business Technologies (4 weekends)
Get to know the different opportunities offered by each of the key new technologies, both to transform existing businesses and to create new business models. Examples of new business models based on Blockchain, Cloud Computing, AI, IoT, etc.

Disruptive Business Models (Intensive classes, 3-4 days)
Disruptive business models enabled by the advent of new technologies. How to create value in the digital era.

Philosophy and Humanism (2 weekends)
The anthropological, philosophical and ethical issues that affect innovation, scientific and economic development.

Ethical and Legal Framework (2 weekends)
New framework for making legal decisions in a business environment that is being substantially modified by the digital transformation revolution.

Training Pills (1 weekend each)
Tailor-made sessions to address specific issues identified as learning objectives for current students and alumni of the program due to their content and relevance.

Collaborative working sessions
Keep the network together throughout research. Encourage support among candidates with different profiles and skills. Set intermediate objectives in the research and innovation results.


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