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The IUF develops original programs on intervention and training for intervention in conjunction with social organizations and Administrative bodies. The IUF directly carries out said programs or trains people to carry them out. There are currently five:

  • Primera Alianza [First Alliance]. Program to strengthen early parenthood in vulnerable families. http://www.primeraalianza.com/index.php
  • El Reloj de la Familia [The Family Clock]. Program to develop family projects and strengthen the family in times of change in the life cycle. Program by CVX-España, with collaboration from the IUF.
  • Housing First. The IUF is helping to implement the first Housing First program in Spain for homeless people, carried out by the RAIS Foundation.
  • Modelo de Valor Archer [Archer Value Model]. The IUF has created an adaptation of the Business Model methodology for social organizations and Administrative bodies, funded by Telefónica Foundation.
  • Método Mural de Pensamiento Visual [Visual Thought Wall Method]. The IUF has carried out a wall model of group thought in educational, social and community environments, working alongside the company Mutxote Bat.

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Virginia Cagigal de Gregorio

Coordinator of the book "La orientación familiar en el ámbito escolar. La experiencia del Centro Padre Piquer" [Family guidance in school. The Padre Piquer Center experience"

"There are hardly any initiatives like this in the whole of Europe; perhaps only something similar in the United Kingdom. It is a highly valuable service for parents, pupils and teachers which successfully helps pupils and their families in a "natural and familiar" context who are dealing with very diverse problems, and who may have needed referrals which may not always have been successful perhaps due to abandonment by the family themselves, because the problem does not show the level of seriousness required to be dealt with by certain services (such as Mental Health), which prevents an early response, or possibly due to the financial difficulties the families have to gain access to a private professional".

See book in pdf