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Specialist Diploma in Clinical Reasoning and Innovation in Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy

What can the Diploma offer you?

The main objective of the university specialist degree in Clinical Reasoning and Innovation in neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy is to develop the reasoning skills that allow physiotherapists to make appropriate and rigorous decisions during clinical practice, a key aspect for the development and evolution of physiotherapy as a Health Sciences discipline.

For this, a deep knowledge of the evidence-based practice model, neurophysiology of pain, diagnostic process or objectification tools such as musculoskeletal ultrasound, surface electromyography or the development of sensorisation of variables is essential.

On the other hand, technological advances are opening up a new world of possibilities and applications in the field of health. In our degree, an entrepreneurial mentality and attitude will be promoted in students.

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Why the Diploma?

It provides tools for the search for innovative solutions to society's real health problems.

From the therapeutic point of view, an approach will be made using advanced neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy techniques integrated in the CR process; education in pain neuroscience, ultrasound-guided percutaneous neuromodulation, advanced manual physiotherapy, motor control and learning, new technologies or inductive therapeutic exercise.

What makes us different?



1st training specifically focussed on Clinical Reasoning



Hours of experiential face-to-face training



Faculty with more than 10 years of postgraduate teaching experience in Clinical Reasoning

Study Plan

1º Semestre

Professional projection.

  • Private physiotherapy centres

  • Hospitals and health centres

  • Sports clubs

  • Self-employment and entrepreneurship

Miguel Mendoza
Miguel Mendoza
Director of the Specialist Degree in Clinical Reasoning in Innovation in Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Clinical reasoning and innovation are key to meeting the health challenges of our society.

Teaching Staff

Our lecturers represent a wide range of expertise and are recognised as leading practitioners and academics in their fields.

Everything you need to know

EUEF Comillas

Avda. San Juan de Dios, 1.
Ciempozuelos. Madrid.

Paseo de la Habana, 70 Bis
28036, Madrid

The "San Juan de Dios" University School of Nursing and Physiotherapy has been offering studies in Nursing for more than 55 years, and for more than 25 years in Physiotherapy, which has allowed it to consolidate an education of recognised prestige that integrates scientific and technical advances in its methodology with the humanisation of care as a sign of its identity. He joined Comillas Pontifical University in 1988.

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Secretary's Office
San Rafael Campus (University School of Nursing and Physiotherapy)
Paseo de la Habana 70 bis
28036 Madrid
sanrafae l@comillas.edu

Responsible for the degree:
Miguel Mendoza Puente