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Credit Suisse

Navigating the Recruitment Process


Credit Suisse will be hosting a soft skills session in which you will learn:


  • How to prepare for the selection processes
  • The type of assessments you will take part in
  • How to make the best possible impact on a potential employer
  • How to manage the post-interview process


There will also be a Q & A at the end of the session to allow students to find out more about the recruitment process.


  • Stand: 15
  • Fecha mesa redonda: Miércoles, 21 Octubre 2015
  • Hora mesa redonda: 14:00
  • Lugar mesa redonda: Sala Juntas 5ª Planta
  • Fecha de asistencia: 21 de octubre

Para inscribirte a las mesas redondas es imprescindible estar dado de alta en la OPE.
Recuerda que debes actualizar tu CV, ya que éste será enviado a las empresas una vez comprobada tu asistencia a la mesa redonda.