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Master's Degree in Smart Grids

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  • Facultad
    Ingeniería (Comillas ICAI)
  • Idiomas
  • Certificación
    Másteres propios
  • Modalidad
    Classroom course
  • Duración
    1 año (90 ECTS)

¿What does this master consist of?

The Master's Degree in Smart Grids (MSG) is a Master of Science Degree with 90 ECTS credits, taught by the University of Strathclyde and the ICAI School of Engineering, in close collaboration with Iberdrola. The main objective of the program is to respond to the growing demand for engineers, needed to lead the ongoing process of the digitalization of the electric grid.

This program provides students with a detailed understanding of the operation and planning of grids under this new paradigm, along with new business opportunities and models that are arising in this constantly changing field. It has been developed in close collaboration with Iberdrola. This alliance guarantees both the practical component, thanks to the participation of industry, and the academic rigor of the courses.

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The international experience is one of the most interesting features of the program.


Students not only spend one semester in both Spain and Scotland, but also carry out internships at any of the international offices of the partner entities.

One step ahead


The IEA estimates that worldwide investments in Power Networks must double the current levels- reaching $750 billion annually for 2030.


It becomes the most efficient wat yo support the deployment/upgrade of power networks. 


Both are much needed- this Master's in Smart Grids is the perfect program to lead the energy transition.

What makes us different

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The transformation of energy is essential to achieve the desired goal of sustainability. The energy transition should be orientated toward this.



Electricity is the form of energy that will play the most relevant role in this transition. Electrical networks are essential to facilitate the energy transition.

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Smart grids

Smart grids are the electrical networks that facilitate the energy transition, making intensive use of new technologies, especially those that allow their digitalization.

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Social aspects

In this transition, the social component plays an essential role through education and training at all levels.

Energy plays a key role in managing the unprecedented challenge that we face: climate change

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