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Ursula Roldán A., migration coordinator in the Institute for Research and Policy Management (INGEP) at Rafael Landívar University in Guatemala City:

“The future of the children stopped at the U.S.-Mexico border and returned to our country is uncertain. Through May 31, 2014, there were 11,479 Guatemalan boys and girls stopped at the border, according to U.S. government figures. According to Guatemala’s Directorate General of Migration, from the land route in Mexico, there were 6,152 Guatemalan minors deported in 2014 and 4,000 deported in 2015. The Jesuit Migrant Network in Central and North America on World Refugee Day cited two UNHCR investigations consisting of interviews with unaccompanied minors from Central America intercepted at the U.S border; 58 percent required special protection, and 48.6 percent who spent the night at migratory stations in Mexico mentioned having left for reasons of violence and security. Also, it was found that 73 percent had not received information about their right to seek asylum. This leaves us thinking that the greater number of deportations Mexico is carrying out, which is in line with U.S. policy, prioritizes immediate deportation over protecting children from the generalized violence and criminal structures that affect the Northern Triangle countries. For their part, the Central American government simply receive deported migrants without providing any special attention to keep children from again becoming victims of violence. It is necessary for Central American Governments continue to tie their hopes to the United States to discuss humanitarian policies for shelterland family reunification. Central American governments continue to tie their hopes to the United States and business elites. The alliance for Prosperity favors elites plan for energy expansion, extractive project and infrastructure platforms that benefit them. However, political fighting between Democrats and Republicans in the United States means they will likely only reinforce borders under national security model, wich is now moving south. So unaccompanied minors are just a pretext, since without transparent governments and in almost failed states, it will be difficult to attack the structural causes of migration"

La siguiente información fue publicada recientemente en "Latin America Advisor". El documento completo aquí.

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