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    This is a Program run by Comillas Pontifical University aimed at adults with Intellectual Disability with the objective of providing general and specific training, from a humanist point of view, for different professional profiles with the aim of promoting future incorporation into the labor market in a normal working environment. The training programs are:

    Training Program for Assistants in Educational Environments

    Training Program for Assistants in Technological Environments.

    The professional profiles are selected thanks to extensive experience in the field of training and work integration carried out by the Down's Syndrome Foundation in Madrid over almost two decades. On the one hand, these profiles include a typology of tasks and duties that is sufficiently varied in terms of complexity and cognitive, social and manipulative requirements and can be adjusted to the characteristics of the recipient. On the other hand, these are profiles in demand in our work environment, given the characteristics of the area where the participants will be professionally integrated (Autonomous Community of Madrid).

    They are innovative profiles who are beyond jobs that are manipulative for the most part and which are traditionally carried out by people with an intellectual disability in our country, thereby contributing to promoting a more positive social image of the group of people with intellectual disabilities.

    The opportunity to train in a prestigious university environment for two years provides these students with an intellectual disability with spaces of inclusion where they can develop their potentialities, make themselves as employable as possible and interact daily with other university students of a similar age.

    This daily coexistence of students with different disabilities on the university campus is, without a doubt, an enriching opportunity for the whole teaching community, as well as for those university students, future professionals, who will have the opportunity to share, first-hand, the experiences, dreams and aspirations of young people with an intellectual disability, thereby learning to coexist, manage and become enriched by diversity.


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