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In addition to the Internship and Careers Office that the University offers all of its students, the Social Work Unit runs a program, namely the PyE Program (Internships and Careers) for persons with disabilities, in collaboration with Foundations, Organizations and Companies specialized in helping people with disabilities find employment, in order to help its Alumni and Former Alumni enter the job market.

Who can register?

  • Students from the final two years of the degree
  • Recent graduates
  • Former alumni

* With an activity limitation degree (disability degree) recognized by IMSERSO equal to or above 33 %.

What does the program offer?

  • Information and dissemination of the application periods for Paid Grants for students with disabilities from the last or last two years of their degree, launched by companies of a certain prestige both nationally and internationally.
  • Information on other national and international Paid Grant application periods.
  • Job vacancy posts from private companies.
  • Job application posts managed by partner organizations.

Collaboration with organizations specializing in finding employment for persons with disabilities

Information on the characteristics, programs and services of the organizations we collaborate with.

At Present

Regarding employment of persons with disabilities: legal framework, plans, recruitment incentives, initiatives, guides, etc.

Registration process

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on data protection, any personal data, such as on CVs, are included in a high security file and therefore the person interested in taking part in the Program must go to the Social Work Unit in person to carry out any data disclosure procedures.

Students from the last two years

Hand into the Social Work Unit

  1. The "Registration form for the P y E Program", completed in full.
  2. Updated CV.


  1. You must have already registered with Comillas Alumni and be able to prove so by showing the relevant documents.
  2. Make an appointment at the Social Work Unit where you can personally register on the Program as well as update your personal data and provide your updated CV.

Once registered on the Program, the Social Work Unit shall assign the student/former student an individual access code for the restricted area where they can look at the internship and employment offers.

Please note

  1. The P y E Program for persons with disabilities offers, in addition to the internship and employment ads, information on collaborating Companies and Foundations, as well as the latest news regarding persons with disabilities entering the job market.
  2. Students with disabilities can access both the services of the Internship and Careers Office (OPE) and the PyE Program run by the Social Work Unit.
  3. The user is responsible for keeping their personal data and that appearing on their CV up to date by means of directly communicating this to the Social Work Unit.
  4. The data shall be valid for one year from the last CV update.

Partner institutions


Further information

Contact us

Social Work Unit
Ms. Sandra Huertas
Ext: 2879
Office: O 201 bis