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Migration Journal

Director: Mercedes Fernández
Secretary: Juan Iglesias

MIGRATION is a multidisciplinary journal specializing in international migratory issues, particularly those related to Spain. It was founded in 1996 by the University Institute of Studies on Migration at Comillas Pontifical University with the aim of offering academics in the field of Spanish migration a place to publish their work. Since then, thanks to its readers, the Spring and Autumn editions have continued,enabling the journal to become, both in Spain and abroad, an indispensable benchmark for issues of this nature.

Faithful to its beginnings, when it was known as an open space for intercommunication between those passionate about international migration, MIGRATION continues to welcome the collaborative pieces that are sent in.

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Labrador, J. y Blanco, M.R. (2008). Nadie debe perder. Hijos de inmigrantes en su camino a la vida adulta. Migration and Society Collection. 01.
Madrid, Comillas Pontifical University Publications


The aim of this monograph was to offer an insight into the process of how the young children of immigrants are incorporated into adult life. It explores their educational background and integration into the labor market; their family unit who set many social benchmarks and acceptances and their perceptions and strategies concerning their transition into adult life. In this regard, the monograph unveils a complex constellation of contextual and immediate determiners that influence the citizenization of this youth or the shaping of future ethnic minorities, with the personal and social risk that this entails.


Fernández, M, Giménez C y Puerto, L.M. (eds) (2008). La construcción del codesarrollo [Establishing codevelopment]. La Catarata, Madrid.


Description of the main characteristics of establishing codevelopment as a new approach and field of action by means of three case studies: Ecuador, Marruecos y Senegal.


Iglesias, J.; Legaz, F.: La migración internacional de menores inmigrantes no acompañados de origen subsahariano hacia las Islas Canarias [International migration of young unaccompanied immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa to the Canary Islands]. Murcia, Fundación Nuevo Sol 2009.


The paper thoroughly studies the main socio-demographic and migratory traits of young unaccompanied foreigners from Sub-Saharan Africa who have arrived on the Canary Islands. Lastly, in the conclusions, several lines of action are presented which would help improve the migration reality of these young people.


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