Official Master's Degree in International and European Business Law / Máster Universitario en Derecho Internacional y Europeo de los Negocios

Submission of applications:
Start: January 8, 2018
End: July, 2018

1 year (Full-time study)

Information Session
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Credits: 60 ECTS
Places available: 35, English

For more than fifty years Comillas Pontifical University ICAI-ICADE has trained legal professionals of the highest level. The excellence and ethical values guide Degree and Postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Law, selected by the Financial Times in November 2016 as one of the best 91 Postgraduate Law Schools in the world.

The Official Master's Degree in International and European Business Law offers the opportunity to complete an internship at a prestigious Spanish or international law firm located in Madrid. The internship work is complemented with visits to Brussels and Luxembourg to meet with political leaders of the European Union and attend a hearing of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

The program is delivered by a teaching staff made of the best teachers and practising lawyers from different parts of the European Union and offers seminars, tutorials and networking with eminent professional in Spanish and European law as well as visits to law firms and important Spanish and European legal institutions.

The master's offers a truly global and practical focus, as the study plan is entirely design on the basis of International and EU law, and is specifically adapted for the needs of companies and of international transactions. There is also the possibility of attending free Spanish classes.

Prospective Student Profile:

Students who enter the Masters program generally have a degree in Law and are seeking to develop an in-depth knowledge of international and European business Law. Some students entering the program have studied some areas of European business law before, while for others this is their first contact with the subject matter.

Most students who enter the program have little or no prior professional legal experience but are seeking to develop an expertise in the area of European business law in order to be able to advise clients and companies working in or having business dealings with Europe.

Given that the program is taught fully in English, it attracts students from all over the world, not only Spain. Our students come from countries such as the United States of America, Venezuela, China, Panama, Italy, Mexico, and France. In order to be admitted to the program, students must enter the program with a high level of English.

The program is also designed for JD candidates at United States' Law Schools (those which have agreements with Comillas) willing to spend one year abroad and to gain a European degree as a complement to their American education.


Spanish and European Law Graduates:

In order to access the Official Master's Degree in International and European Business Law, the applicants will be required to hold a law degree issued by an official Spanish University or by a higher education institution within the European Higher Education Area that grants access to postgraduate studies in the country of issue.

Non-European Law Graduates:

Those applicants whose degrees are not from the European Higher Education Area can access the Master course with no need for official confirmation, once the Universidad Pontificia Comillas has verified that these accredit an educational level equivalent to those corresponding to official Spanish University degrees and grant access to postgraduate studies authorized by the issuing country. In no case does such access imply official confirmation of the previous degree held by the person concerned, nor its recognition other than for the purpose of studying the Master.

Admission to the Master is open to those candidates who comply with the following profile:

  • have a degree or equivalent certificate, in which the student has completed 180 credits involving subjects of a legal nature; or are enrolled in second or third year of a Juris Doctor (JD) program in United States University;
  • have an academic record with an average merit pass (7.0) or above in the Degree or equivalent studies, unless due to motivation and track record, admission is considered to be advisable;
  • accredit sufficient knowledge of English, in particular as applied to legal questions. Accreditation can be verified by the submittal of documentation justifying the required level, either through having passed an ad hoc exam or through a personal interview.

Support program for students with disabilities

Submission of applications:

The applications process starts on January 8, 2018 and it will be open until July, 2018 (if there are places available).

Information notice on the documents to be submitted

Attendance mode:

Full-time study.



Classes begin on:

September, 2018


One academic year although there is the possibility to take it over two consecutive years for students with special educational needs.

Number of places:


Number of credits:

60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

Timetable and Duration:

Full time, afternoon and evening sessions. Classes start at the beginning of September and finish the first week of May.

Semester timetable: Available here. Exam schedules are announced by each teacher.

Study system:

Taught completely in English. The Master's program includes a mandatory intensive pre-campus, which will take place in Madrid in the second half of August.


The total fee for the Master's program is € 28,400.00

  • Registration fee - € 2,168.40
  • 8 installments - € 3,279.00


For all those Mexican students accepted into this master's degree whose studies are financed by FIDERH, Comillas will give them a 10% discount of the total price of their studies.

Information about grants and financial aid.

For further information, please contact

Dr. Adam Dubin, MIEBL Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


C/ Alberto Aguilera, 23 (28015 Madrid)
Tel.: +34 91 542 28 00 (dial 2822)
Fax: +34 91 559 65 69
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The Official Master's Degree in International and European Business Law is intended to train legal advisors to work in companies and law firms which operate internationally within the European Union so that they gain an in-depth knowledge of the applicable EU legislative framework, understand its implications for clients and businesses and add value to their work by providing specialized advise on EU legal matters.


The teaching of the main modules is based on the case method, encouraging students to come to class prepared and ready to engage with classmates and the professor through active discussion and debate. This methodology is complemented with practical seminars and lectures on current topics of interest, as well as the drafting of a Master's thesis, a supervised research paper of a theoretical nature.


  • GC 1: Analysis and synthesis abilities.
  • GC 2: Ability to communicate orally and in writing.
  • GC 3: Ability to manage information.
  • GC 4: Problem-solving skills.
  • GC 5: Decision-making skills.
  • GC 6: Team work skills.
  • GC 7: Ability to work in an international context.
  • GC 8: Critical appraisal skills.
  • GC 9: Awareness of the importance of ethical commitment.
  • GC 10: Ability to develop autonomous learning skills.
  • GC 11: Concern for quality.
  • GC 12: Ability to apply theoretical knowledge into practice.
  • GC 13: Negotiating skills.


  • SC 1: Having a critical view of the functioning and interaction of various institutions with relevance for international business.
  • SC 2: Mastering the main relevant international treaties in the field of international trade, distinguishing between binding instrument and mere recommendations or instruments merely of an interpretive or guiding nature (soft law).
  • SC 3: Knowing the advantages in international trade for EU companies and those from other states of the WTO and properly identifying the corresponding business implications.
  • SC 4: Mastering the main rules of EU law and international law that are relevant to international business development.
  • SC 5: Being able to design strategies for the restructuring of corporate groups and / or intra-group and market activities to maximize the benefits of the legal framework.
  • SC 6: Accurately identifying the contingent risks arising from the relevant rules and establishing appropriate measures of risk avoidance or minimization.
  • SC 7: Mastering the rules governing competition in the EU and in international markets, including specific aspects related to exclusive rights.
  • SC 8: Knowing in depth the main rules regulating markets in special sectors (like financial markets, utilities and markets for consumer goods).
  • SC 9: Being able to design pre-contentious (or preventive) strategies that are appropriate for the protection of proper international business development at EU level.
  • SC 10: Being able to design strategies and adversarial proceedings before national courts, community courts and / or alternative dispute resolution bodies in matters related to international trade (as well as their coordination).
  • SC 11: Knowing the structure of the financial reports and documents and be able to extract legal implications, both in corporate business taxation and in the context of business, commercial or corporate litigation.
  • SC 12: Mastering advanced techniques of drafting legal documents in English, especially in the contract and corporate field.
  • SC 13: Mastering the ethical and professional standards applicable in an international environment, especially in terms of confidentiality and professional secrecy.
  • SC 14: Developing practical skills, especially in negotiation of contracts and complex disputes, and developing legal audit or due diligence abilities.
  • SC 15: Mastering the techniques of legal research and developing the ability to present convincingly, in writing and orally, the results of personal, original research.
  • SC 16: Acquiring a thorough knowledge of the field of international business law chosen for the development of the master's thesis, to dominate its conceptual foundations and to understand how it fits into the overall framework of regulation of economic activity.
  • SC 17: Developing an original line of thinking around the specific subject area of business law elected, be able to justify it from a policy perspective, and to analyze it in detail from a positive perspective. 

Timetables and calendar

General Academic Calendar of the University

Initiation Course 2 ects
International Affair and Geo-Strategy from EU Perspective 2 ects EU Competition, IP and Trademark Law 3 ects
International and EU Economic Institutions 3 ects EU Capital Markets and Securities Law 3 ects
EU and International Trade Law 3 ects EU Industry Regulation (Energy, Telecoms, Media, Transport) & EU Public Procurement Law 3 ects
  EU Consumer Protection Law 1 ects
EU Corporate Law and Corporate Engineering 4 ects Commercial Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution 3 ects
EU Tax Law and International Tax Planning 4 ects Procedures before the European Commission and ECJ 2 ects
International Contracts in the EU 3 ects Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Legal Documents in EU 2 ects
EU Insolvency Law, Credit Protection and Recovery in the EU 2 ects Accounting and Finance for Lawyers 2 ects
Tort, Liability and EU Insurance Law 2 ects Advanced Legal Writing: Drafting Business Transactions 2 ects
EU Labor Law 2 ects Legal Ethics and Legal Privilege in an International Context 1 ects
EU Cross-Border Corporate and Financial Crime 1 ects  


Seminar: Due Diligence Clinic (1 ECTS)

Seminar: Negotiation and Legal Strategy Clniic (1 ECTS)

Hot Topics Seminars

4 ects MASTER'S THESIS 6 ects
TOTAL60 ects

There is no specific weight alloted to any one requirement for admission; rather, the Admissions Committee looks at the entire picture of the candidate in order to accept students who fit the profile of the Masters and who will be able to succcessfuly complete the coursework.

In order to be considered for admission, students must fill out an online application and submit all the required paperwork, including original copies of their grades and degrees.

The following criteria will be taken into account:

  1. Having an academic record with an average merit pass of 7.0 of above in the Degree of Law or equivalent studies, unless due to motivation and academic expertise, admission is considered advisable.
  2. Demonstrating a knowledge of English corresopnding to level C1 (operational efficiency or upper intermediate).
  3. Result of the interview with the Director of the program.
  4. Any other information the student provides, demonstrating academic and professinal success related to the field of study.

The final decision of admission will be made by evaluating the overall application of the applicant in relation to other applicants of the same year.

The admission process will protect the confidentiality of all applicants in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Data. 

Internships are not part of the Official Master's Degree in International and European Business Law and are not mandatory. However, students interested in undertaking an internship can do so during the Master's program in order to attain real world experience working in law firms and companies.

Career opportunities: The Official Master's Degree in International and European Business Law is tailored to the needs of in-house and external advisors to companies operating internationally in the area of the European Union. Holders of this degree will be in a good position to seek jobs as legal counsel of multinational companies with international activities in all industries. Moreover, students will benefit from access to the services and to the pool of job offers of the employment service of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas.

Our students have gone on to work in leading international law firms such as Clearly Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, Seward & Kissel, and Gomez-Acebo & Pombo. 

Academia: Since this is an offical Master's program, students are able to access into doctoral programs in Spain and throughout the European Educational Space following the completion of this Master's program.

Profile of Student Upon Graduation from the Masters:

Students who graduate from the Masters will have a strong knowledge of European business law and will be in a good position to work for law firms and companies that do business in Europe. In addition, due to the mulit-ethnic composition of the Masters, students wil also develop strong inter-cultural commnication skills and be able to work in teams and individually to carry out substantive legal work. Students will also develop a number important skills from this Masters, including the abiltiy to conduct extensive research on European law, carry out due diligence investigations and partiicpate in international negotiations. 

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