Official Master's Degree in International Management (MIM)

Submission of applications:
Start: November 24, 2017


1 year (Full-time study)

Open Days
March 17
June 9
September 15

Information session
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Credits 60 ECTS

The Master in International Management (MIM) will prepare you to work cross-culturally, providing specialized business management in an international environment. It will enable you to work as a manager in the global market, starting a career within a multi-national or global organization.

This program is particularly suitable for those who come from Economics, Business Administration or Engineering degrees. Candidates coming from different degree areas, have to complete previously the Complementary Training module for gaining insight into the fundamentals of management.

This is a full-time Master's Degree program that aims to provide students with a broad knowledge about people and countries’ similarities and differences, its regulations and institutions, creating awareness about the best international management practices and processes. It also seeks to provide the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to operate in a wide range of areas within an international organization - both globally and in specific national level. 




October 2018 - July 2019.

Attendance mode:

Full time.


60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) .



Classes begin on:

September 17, 2018.

Admission application filing period:

The deadline for submitting applications begins on November 24, 2017.

Information notice on the documents to be submitted

Admission Tests

  • Thursday June 14 (9:30h)
  • Wednesday June 20 (15:00h)
  • Friday June 29 (15:00h)
  • Thursday July 5 (9:30)
  • Friday July 13 (15:00h)

Admission criteria and process

The admission corresponds to the Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, assisted in this decision by the Delegate Subcommission of Admissions. The Delegate Subcommission of Admissions make up the Director of the ICADE Business School and the Management of the Master.

To decide on the admission of the applicant, the following criteria will be taken into account with the following weighting:

  • The academic record (60%)
  • The result of the tests carried out to that effect aimed at verifying the analytical capacity, the oral and written expression capacity and their learning capacity (30%).
  • The result of the interview of the candidate with the Director and / or with the program coordinator (10%).
  • Accreditation of the level required to be able to take the master's degree in English, through presentation of a recognized certificate. The minimum level of English required is a B2.

Open Days

March 17

June 9

September 15

Information session:

Coming Soon program and register

Student Profile:

The MIM will prepare you to work cross-culturally, providing specialized business management in an international environment. It will enable you to work as a manager in the global market, starting a career within a multi-national or global organization.

This program is particularly suitable for those who come from Economics, Business Administration or Engineering degrees. Candidates coming from different degree areas, have to complete previously the Complementary Training module for gaining insight into the fundamentals of management.


  • Recent graduates in Engineering, Administration and Business Management and other university degrees.
  • Good academic record.
  • B2 English level according to the CEFR.
  • Professional and personal experience, languages, communication skills and the ability to work in a team will be positively considered.

Support program for students with disabilities


The total fee for the Master's program is EUR 22,660.

  • Registration fee - EUR 2,512.20
  • 10 installments - EUR 2,014.8

Supplementary training: €2,575.00
Course fees: €423.20 plus 10 monthly installments each of €215.20


If you are an alumni, you are entitled to 10% discount.

Any Mexican students admitted onto our Master's program whose studies are funded by FIDERH will receive a scholarship from Comillas equivalent to 10% of the total fees of the course of study in which they are enrolled.

Information about grants and financial aid.

Information Point:

ICADE Business School
C/ Rey Francisco, 4, Madrid


Prof. Dr. Manuel Morales Contreras
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This is a full-time program that aims to provide students with a extensive knowledge about people and countries´similarities and differences, its regulations and institutions, making them aware of best practices and processes of international management. It also seeks to provide students with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to operate in a wide range of areas within an international organization, - both globally and specifically national.

Our students can gain more international experience through a study trip (optional) with one of our international partners.


  • The teaching methodology is based on a practical and active learning model that is designed to adapt strategies objectives, content and educational learning.
  • The teaching is based on interactive presentations by the teacher, seminars and conferences, business simulations, the use of new technologies, conducting individual and group work, and tutorials.
  • The "case method" brings students to the business world.
  • The methodology of "team building" promotes integration, which allows students to perform at a high level since the first session. It also allows participants to transfer this experience to both their daily life and their future work environment.

General Skills

  • CG 01 - Cognitive analysis and summarizing abilities applied to global business situations and to organizational problems of international management.
  • CG 02 - Management of information and data as key elements for decision making and for identifying, formulating, and resolving business problems.
  • CG 03 - Problem solving and decision making at the strategic, tactical, and operative levels of a multinational business organization, taking into account the interrelation between the different functional and business areas, as well as between the different geographic markets.
  • CG 04 - Applying concepts and theories to existing and/or newly created business organizations, to discover new business opportunities and achieve the creation of lasting competitive advantages on the international stage.
  • CG 05 - Exercise of a global mindset applied to listening, negotiation, and multidisciplinary teamwork to be able to operate effectively in various tasks, and, when appropriate, assume leadership responsibilities in an international organization.
  • CG 06- Ethical commitment in the application of universal moral and organizational values faced with ethical and corporate social responsibility dilemmas, with particular sensitivity to international diversity.
  • CG 07- Time management abilities with the aim of improving personal and team effectiveness within the framework of business organizations, their settings, and their management.
  • CG 08- Critical thinking and arguing consistent with comprehension of knowledge about multinational business organizations, their external context, and administration and management process.
  • CG 09- Ability to learn independently in order to continue training in developing cognitive abilities and acquiring relevant knowledge applied to the professional and business activity of an international manager.
  • CG 10 - Recognition as global citizens, who value diversity and intercultural dialog as a source of human enrichment.
  • CG 11 - Displaying initiative, creativity, and enterprising spirit when applying management techniques and knowledge to the management and development of global business organizations.

Specific Skills

  • CE 01 - Knowledge of the characteristics and key dimensions of the current global business setting and comprehension of the external forces that might influence international business activity and the practice of multinational management.
  • CE 02 - Understanding and contextualization of internationalization as part of the corporate strategy of a business, focused on achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • CE 03 - Knowledge and evaluation of the suitability of different internationalization strategies and of various possible organizational structures in accordance with the geographical and sectoral context, based on which the student can recommend alternatives for action for an internationalized business.
  • CE 04 - Knowledge and understanding of the basic determinants of human behavior in organizations and of managerial success, based on understanding cultural differences and the challenges of international management, and practicing their implementation to allow the student to handle satisfactorily the complexities of international organizations.
  • CE 05 - Conception and practice of the person management function from a strategic and current perspective, focused on creating value in global organizations through the most appropriate approach in the management of its human capital, wherever it is based.
  • CE 06 - Ability to identify and solve the ethical and governance dilemmas that arise in the international business activity, based on universal ethical and moral values and on academic knowledge of corporate management, that materialize in management instruments, with special sensitivity for international diversity.
  • CE 07 - Ability to manage strategically the operations of a business in a global setting, having the appropriate knowledge and tools for designing products and processes, control and organization of production, logistics and quality management in an industrial or services business.
  • CE 08 - Knowledge and understanding of the effect of the business's international activity on investment and financing decisions, as well as the opportunities and risks derived from the existence of international financial markets and operating in different currencies.
  • CE 09 - Knowledge and understanding of the particular characteristics of global marketing, as well as the differences in the application of marketing strategies and tools when acting in multicultural settings or aspiring to a global consumer.
  • CE 10 - Ability to identify and understand the most up to date dynamics and practices in the management of global businesses, applying them to real situations when the opportunity arises.
  • CE 11 - Ability to choose the appropriate theoretical-conceptual framework and methodological focus to carry out research work focusing on the international management of businesses, using the most relevant bibliography and resources as support.


Approved by the Governing Board on July 22, 2015

Verified by ANECA on April 11, 2016 (FILE Nº: 8811/2015)

General Academic Calendar of the University

1st semester Academic Calendar


Compulsory 45
Electives 9
Master's Thesis 6



Dirección Estratégica/Strategic Management 6 2nd
Dirección Global de Operaciones / Global Operations Management 3 1st
Finanzas Globales y Dirección Financiera/Global Finance and Financial Management 6 2nd
Gestión Intercultural y Comportamiento Organizacional/Managing Across Cultures and Organizational Behaviour 6 1st
Gestión Internacional de Recursos Humanos/International Human Resources Management 6 1st
Gobernanza Corporativa y Ética/ Ethics and Governance 6 1st
Internacionalización de la Empresa/ Internationalizing the Company 3 2nd
Marketing Global/Global Marketing 6 2nd
Negocios en el Entorno Global/ Business in the Global Environment 3 1st
Trabajo Fin de Máster/MIM Project 6 Annual
Análisis Estratégico de Datos/ Business Analylics 3 1st or 2nd
Emprendimiento Global/Global Entrepreneurship 3 1st or 2nd
Gestión de la Cadena de Suministro/ Supply Chain Management 3 1st or 2nd
Gestión de la Tecnología y de la Innovación/ Managing Technology and Innovation 3 1st or 2nd
Gestión Internacional de Proyectos/International Project Management 3 1st or 2nd
Liderazgo y Cambio/Leadership and Change 3 1st or 2nd
Negociación Internacional/International Business Negotiation 3 1st or 2nd
Negocios en Asia-Pacífico/ Doing Business in Asia-Pacific 3 1st or 2nd
Negocios en Latinoamérica/Doing Business in Latin America 3 1st or 2nd
Negocios en Oriente Próximo/Doing Business in Near East 3 1st or 2nd

Profile of Exit and Professional Exits

The Master's Degree in International Business Management (MIM) prepares graduates to work in multicultural environments, providing a global and strategic vision of business activity, as well as skills for international business management, integrating all operational areas of the organization .

The Master's Degree in International Business Management (MIM) emphasizes the training of a socially useful and active professional, capable of taking responsible positions in their decisions as a manager in a global market, starting a career within a multinational or global organization.

Academic Prospects

Also, the Master's Degree in International Business Management (MIM) authorizes access to an official doctorate program in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 99/2011, of January 28, which regulates official doctorate studies.

  • Official Degree entirely taught in English.
  • Graduates are prepared to work in intercultural environments, and they have acquired the necessary skills for business administration specific to an international environment.
  • This programme allows to pursue a career as manager in an international market, or in a transactional or global organisation.
  • Pre-experience Master's Degree
  • It is possible to do an exchange for a term abroad with prestigious international business schools.
  • It is possible to do professional internships.

It is possible to study part of this Master's Degree in the prestigious Business School of ESSEC Paris.

At the completion of this Master's Degree, you will have the possibility of:

  • Going to "Summer School" abroad to another prestigious international business school or university.
  • Participating in one of the professional development courses of the programme Inside Comillas (USA, China and Kenya).

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