Official Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA)

Submission of applications:
Start: November 24, 2017


1 year (Full-time study)

Open Days
March 17
June 9
September 15

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Credits 60 ECTS

The Official Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) is offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (ICADE) at Comillas Pontifical University, through ICADE Business School.

This ICADE Business School MBA leads to a successful career in the scope of management and leadership of organisations.

This Master's Degree (MBA) enables its students to grasp the current updated situation in the business world and provides them with the most robust tools for analysis and action, mainly through experimental learning.


Official degree program:

Official Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA). Official Degree from Comillas Pontifical University.


October 2018 - July 2019.

Attendance mode:

Full time


Spanish - English.

Classes begin on:

October 1, 2018.

Admission application filing period:

The deadline for submitting applications begins on November 24, 2017.

Admissions must be submitted within the time frame stated, in a standard format and accompanied by all of the documents which certify the fulfilment of the entry requirements

Information notice on the documents to be submitted


Monday - Friday, in the morning.

Admission Tests

Dates of admission tests at ICADE Business School:

  • Thursday June 14 (9:30h)
  • Wednesday June 20 (15:00h)
  • Friday June 29 (15:00h)
  • Thursday July 5 (9:30)
  • Friday July 13 (15:00h)

Open Days:

March 17

June 9

September 15

Information session

Coming Soon program and register

Applicant profile:

This Official Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) is addressed to college graduates with little or no work experience.

Previous college education in any field is required to access this Master's Degree (economy, engineering, health sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, arts, etc.)


Having obtained an official university degree in Spain, issued by an a Higher Education Institution of the European Higher Education Area that makes an student eligible to take a Master's Degree.

Holding a University Degree according to the university system previous to that set forth in Royal Decree 1393/2007.

As for those students with non-recognised degrees from countries outside the European Higher Education Area must submit an admission request to the Chancellor, who shall decide once informed by the Delegate Sub Committee on Admissions to Official Master's Programmes. Admission through this path shall not imply that the previous degree has been recognised for any purpose other than taking this Master's Degree.

Admission process and criteria:

Admission to this Official Master's Degree is granted by the Dean of the School of Business and Economics, with the assistance of the Deputy Sub Committee on Admissions. The Deputy Sub Committee on Admissions is formed by the Director of ICADE Business School and the Master's Programme Director.

In order to make a decision on the application of a candidate, the following criteria, with their corresponding weighing, shall be considered:

  1. Academic record (70%)
  2. Results of specific tests intended to assess the analytic capacity, communication proficiency, both written and oral, and learning capacity of the candidate.
    Students who choose to do this Master's Programme in English must certify their level by submitting a recognised certification. Candidates are requested to have an English level of C1 in the Common European Framework.
  3. Result of the interview of the candidate with the programme director and/or coordinator (10%).

Support program for students with disabilities


The total fee for the Master's program is EUR 22,705.

  • Registration fee - EUR 2,203.20
  • 10 installments - EUR 2,050.20

If you are an alumni, you are entitled to 10% discount.

Any Mexican students admitted onto our Master's program whose studies are funded by FIDERH will receive a scholarship from Comillas equivalent to 10% of the total fees of the course of study in which they are enrolled.


Information about grants and financial aid.


ICADE Business School
C/ Rey Francisco, 4, Madrid

Information Point:

ICADE Business School
Rey Francisco, 4
28008 Madrid
Tel. 91 559 20 00
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Offering our students a comprehensive and strategic vision of business and its adaptation to the environment, integrating all operational areas.

Promoting understanding of the factors surrounding the company and the impact they can have on strategy or operations.

Developing the student’s ability to employ management and information tools to solve the specific problems of each functional area.

Equipping our students with the skills necessary to make business decisions, develop awareness of hoe to engage in teamwork, flexibility and leadership.

Learning to plan and design a professional career plan in which the students may employ their initiative, common sense and entrepreneurial spirit.


The learning approach is basically practical and active, and has been designed to meet the pedagogical objectives, contents and learning strategies.

The learning process is based on different training activities, such as lectures, analysis and case studies ("case method") and individual or group exercises, oral presentations of different topics, cases, exercises and works, individual study and organised readings, academic tutoring, debates, individual or group case and research studies, simulations, role plays, group dynamics, seminars and workshops, collaborative learning, audiovisual projections, study and documentation.


In order to obtain this Master's Degree, students must certify that they have passed the academic degrees linked to the Master's Programme by means of a mixed evaluation system based on different assessment methods.

Individual exam, public oral presentation, active involvement of the student in day-to-day learning, evaluation of exercise or case studies, both individual or collective, assessment of monographs or research studies, both individual or collective, self and peer evaluations, short test, final individual project on an issue which as to be developed and critically assessed by the student using the knowledge acquired in the programme.

  • CG 01 - Analytic and synthesis cognitive capacities applied to business situations and managing and organisation problems.
  • CG 02 - Management of data and information as key elements for decision-making and for identification, formulation and resolution of business problems.
  • CG 03 - Problem-solving and decision-making skills at a strategic, tactic and operational level with regard to a business, considering the interrelationship between the different functional and business areas.
  • CG 04 - Application of concepts and theories on business organizations in order to discover new business opportunities and acquire long-term competitive advantages.
  • CG 05 - Interpersonal skills such as listening, negotiating, persuading, working in multidisciplinary teams, in order to effectively address different tasks, and, when appropriate, capacity to exert leadership in the corresponding business organization.
  • CG 06 - Ethical commitment with a behaviour based in moral principles and those principles of the organisation when facing moral dilemmas and corporate social responsibility issues.
  • CG 07 - Time management capacity with the purpose of improving personal and team efficiency within business organizations, its environment and its management.
  • CG 08 - Critical reasoning and argumentation according with the understanding of knowledge and know-how on business administrations, their external context and their administration and management processes.
  • CG 09 - Autonomous learning capacity in order to acquire more knowledge on knowledge on cognitive skills and relevant contents applied to professional and business activities.
  • CG 10 - Initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship when applying management techniques and related knowledge to management and development of business organizations.
  • CE 01 - Knowledge, understanding and handling of tools for diagnosis of the competitive position of a company, and designing and executing the company's strategic plan.
  • CE 02 - Capacity for understanding and analysing financial, social, cultural, political, legal and environmental dimensions of the international environment as well as their influence when choosing and establishing the company's internationalisation strategy.
  • CE 03 - Historical and scientific knowledge on corporate governance which shall enable students to design an efficient corporate governance system.
  • CE 04 - Designing the functions regarding management of persons from a strategic and integration approach which may create value within business organizations.
  • CE 05 - Capacity to understand and analyse the different management and leadership activities from different operational and business areas within the company.
  • CE 06 - Ability and disposition to value those aspects from executive management of a company; communication and negotiation skills and ability to manage persons and teams needed to exercise leadership of a corporate organization.
  • CE 07 - Understanding ethical and moral values that prevail within an organisation, acquiring the capacity to identify and solve any ethical dilemma encountered in business activity, and apply any management and assessment instruments from Corporate Social Responsibility so they may be incorporated to the company's strategic planning and their organizational development.
  • CE 08 - Capacity of identifying and establishing the strategic value of designing products and processes, control and organisation of productions, logistics and quality management in a service or manufacturing company.
  • CE 09 - Being able to analyse the problems of the company and its environment through the use of quantitative methods, identify appropriate analysis and modelling techniques and apply these same techniques to predictive and simulation case studies of business management.
  • CE 10 - Knowing and being able to use the assets valuation techniques, analyse and select investments, identify financing sources and design and implement the relevant financial strategies and techniques for advanced corporate management.
  • CE 11 - Understanding accounting in a globalised context: based on the International Financial Reporting Standards, capacity to design and analyse consolidated financial statements in order to carry out a financial diagnosis and, once the current situation has been established, apply the relevant accounting policies (taxes, financial instruments, etc.) which are deemed most appropriate to optimise the company's resources and viability of certain projects in the company's decision making processes.
  • CE 12 - Capacity for preparing and managing the financial and accounting information of a company through the use of advanced analysis techniques and control tools.
  • CE 14 - Being able to select an appropriate theoretical framework and methodological approach and to identify the most relevant literature for a given research to be conducted.
  • CE 13 - Ability to design and analyse management accounting reports and costs as a tool of Marketing Accounting so it may be used in the company's decision making processes and their incorporation to the company's strategic planning.

The Official Master's Degree of Business Administration (MBA) comprises 60 ECTS credits distributed as follows:

  • 27 compulsory ECTS, taught during the first semester, designed to allow students acquire a high level of competence and knowledge of business management decisions in an cross-functional way (management roles are not closed areas) and inter-cultural (organisations live in a global environment).
  • 27 ECTS training in the second semester, of which 15 are compulsory and 12 optional. Optional courses allow students to specialise in Management, Finance, Marketing, or Industry and Technology.
  • 6 ECTS are specifically intended for preparation of the Final Project, and allow students to apply all competencies obtained to a real experience (consultancy project, entrepreneurship project, research work). The Final Project is developed throughout the whole academic year and there will be a public defence of same at the end of the year.


This Master's Degree offers 60 places; divided between group A and group B. Students in group A will be taught 100% in Spanish. Students in group B will be taught between 80% and 100% in English.




General Academic Calendar of the University

Timetables MBA 17- 18 - GROUP A

Timetables MBA 17- 18 - GROUP B

1st Term
Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 3 ECTS
Human Resources Management 3 ECTS
Strategic Planning 3 ECTS
Corporate Finance 3 ECTS
Data Analysis for Decision Making 3 ECTS
Exploring the Global Business Environment 3 ECTS
Marketing Management 3 ECTS
Operations Management 3 ECTS
Accounting 3 ECTS
Total 27 ECTS
2nd Term
Making Strategy 3 ECTS
Leadership and Change 3 ECTS
Consulting in Practice 3 ECTS
Managing Across Cultures 3 ECTS
Corporate Governance 3 ECTS
Elective 1 3 ECTS
Elective 2 3 ECTS
Elective 3 3 ECTS
Elective 4 3 ECTS
Total 27 ECTS
Final Dissertation 6 ECTS


Optional subjects are structured according to four specialities:

Specialty: Industry and Technology

Specialty: Finance

Specialty: Marketing

Specialty: Management


Graduate Profile and Professional Opportunities:

This Official Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) highlights its role in training active, socially useful professionals, capable of assuming responsibility for their decisions and who have decided to pursue a career in management and leadership of any operational area within a public or private organization, in any activity sector and in any location or country.

Graduates show these skills thanks to the fact that they have acquired a global and strategic vision of corporate activities and their adequacy to their environment, integrating all operative areas in the organization.

Academic Career Paths:

Moreover, The Official Master´s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) also enable holders to gain admission to official doctorate programs as provided for in Royal Decree 99/2011 of 28 January, which regulates official doctorate programs.

  • Official Degree.
  • This MBA is supported by a large university and over 30 years of experience training executives and professionals of the business world.
  • The main contents are those of MBA traditional education (management, strategy, finance, marketing, human resources and operations), but are combined in such a way that students experience business reality in a cross-functional, intercultural way.
  • Possibility to major in Management, Finance, Marketing or Industry and Technology, and complete a real professional experience (in-company internship, consultancy project, entrepreneurship project...).
  • Opportunity to carry out an internship abroad.

Upon completion of this Master's Degree, you will have the following options:

  • Enrol in "Summer School" abroad, at another prestigious international business school or university.
  • Participate in one of the professional development courses of the programme Inside Comillas  (USA, China and Kenya).

Other ICADE Business School master's degrees: Official Executive Master's Degree in Business Management (Executive MBA), Official Master's Degree in International Management (MIM), Official Master's Degree in Human Resources (MURH), Official Master's Degree in Marketing (MMKT), Official Master's Degree in Finance (MUF), Official Master's Degree in Financial Risk Management (MUGRF), Official Master's Degree in Financial Statement Auditing and Advanced Accounting (MUACCS), Master in International Industrial Project Management (MDIPI)

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