Mission and Objectives

In 1961, the Ciempozuelos School of Nursing was inaugurated as a School of Technical Health Assistants, with the aim of preparing its students for "the best health care for those who are ill", and, thus, extend the model of Hospital Care promoted by the Hospitaller Order of “San Juan de Dios”. This model has been the guide for the care and training developed by the Order throughout its almost five centuries of history.

Since its inception, the school has maintained a fundamental aspiration: to promote harmonization between quality scientific-technical training and humanization as an inherent value in comprehensive care for the individual. All of this is reflected in its model of decency, which is based on the fundamental principles of the Hospital Order, inspired by the spirit of the work of “San Juan de Dios”, Saint John of God.

Throughout its historical development, the School has been constantly adapting to the changes and to the social and regulatory requirements that have occurred over this period, especially during its transformation into the University School of Nursing in 1978, and in recent years during the implantation and development of the European Higher Education Area. This new framework has involved the incorporation of the offer for education and training by the School into Second-Cycle University Studies, through two Master's Degrees that offer specialized training in specific areas of the disciplines of Nursing and Physical Therapy.

The integration of the School into the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, more than 30 years ago, has allowed us to promote the transmission of the shared values that characterize both institutions, and to maintain our work in pursuit of the goal of every educational institution: excellence in teaching.

After almost 60 years of experience, we continue to cultivate the legacy created and to preserve our founding spirit, firmly believing that the professional style that we must transmit is, without a doubt, a Health Care model that brings knowledge and research together with hospital care and humanization.

The slogan chosen for the Fiftieth Anniversary of our School, "Humanizing Health Care, our style of training", faithfully reflects the objective of our Educational Project.