Welcome! Comillas opens its doors to new students

Comillas greets its new students


Comillas opens its doors to new students

Comillas opens its doors to new students

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Classes will begin on 4 September at Comillas, and that is why, the week before, the university has begun to welcome its new students during the Welcome Week, which will run from 29 August until 4 September. This week, Paloma Bilbao, vice rector for Academic Strategy, Innovation and Internationalisation; Belén Urosa, vice rector of Students and Alumni; and Arturo Varona, director of the International Relations Service at Comillas, have welcomed the exchange students that will study at our centres these next few months.

Belén Urosa referred to the distinctive values of Comillas and the importance of comprehensive education as a complement to the academic excellence of our university. The Vice Rector for Students and Alumni also spoke of the sense of community at Comillas and offered a series of advice to the new international students. She encouraged them to join the Spanish student groups and to integrate themselves into the activities of the university and the social life of the city. Paloma Bilbao addressed the students, and advised them to be very present and to make the most of this exchange experience, to explore and to expand. Arturo Varona encouraged them to explore their limits. "I dare say that in a few months you will be completely different people," said the director of the International Relations Service.

After the welcome speech, the students went to the east courtyard of ICADE, where they were able to see first-hand the different services offered by Comillas: Comillas Contigo, Comillas Bienestar, Biblioteca, Comillas Solidaria, Comillas Arte, Servicio de Orientación en Carreras Profesionales, Servicio de Librería y Publicaciones, Comillas Emprende, Comillas Alumni and Comillas Espiritualidad.

Over the next few days, there will be a series of conferences for new students at the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the faculty of Theology and the faculty of Canon Law (Comillas CIHS); the faculty of Economics and Business Administration and the faculty of Law (Comillas ICADE); “San Juan de Dios” University School of Nursing and Physical Therapy, Comillas ICAI and Madrid Culinary Campus (MACC). In total, more than three thousand students will begin their studies in our university.