The university welcomes the first students of Madrid Culinary Campus

Start of the new Bachelor's Degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Innovation


Start of the new Bachelor's Degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Innovation

Start of the new Bachelor's Degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Innovation

Comillas has dressed up to welcome the students of the Bachelor's Degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Innovation. They are the first students of the first programme of the new Madrid Culinary Campus (MACC), a joint project of the university and Vocento.

The rector, Enrique Sanz, SJ; the vice rector for Students and Alumni, Belén Urosa; the dean of the faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Comillas ICADE), Teresa Corzo; and the CEO of Madrid Culinary Campus, Rafael Vara were waiting for the students at the conference room of the university. Ferrán Adriá and Andoni Luis Aduriz joined them electronically to welcome and congratulate this unique group of students.

"It is a magical moment, we are not starting an academic year, we are starting a project", said Ferrán Adriá. The renowned chef is very involved in MACC. On the one hand, with the contribution of the Sapiens methodology, applied in all the projects of his foundation elBullifoundation, and on the other hand, as a guest lecturer of the degree. "In day-to-day life there is no time to think. You are going to have time to so now, but it will not be so easy later on, so it is important that you put passion and enthusiasm into it", he encouraged the students.

As well as being a guest lecturer, Andoni Luis Aduriz will lead a Master’s Degree in Innovation from Mugaritz. He wanted to highlight the importance of being surrounded by people who contribute: “We must surround ourselves with the best people. this is going to be the case in this project. We are going to make a great effort, beyond knowledge, to share our motivation and passion for this job, which es exciting” said Andoni to the new students.

The rector, who insisted on the uniqueness of being part of the first graduating class of a degree, explained the nature of the project and the alliance between Comillas and Vocento. Enrique Sanz, SJ, also mentioned the values of our university, among them, training people who care for and transform society. “It is an honour for us that, when you finish your studies, you share what you have learned at Comillas” he said.