Inauguration Ceremony for New Academic Authorities at Comillas

At this event, the new Vice-Rectors (Vice Chancellors), University General Registrar and Delegate for Identity and Mission at the University take office


From left to riight: José María Ortiz Lozano, Vice-Rector for Organization and Digital Transformation; Mariano Ventosa Rodríguez, Vice-Rector for Research and Teaching Staff; Clara Martínez García, Vice-Rector for Students and Alumni; Paloma Bilbao Calabuig, Vice-Rector for Academic Strategy, Innovation and Internationalization; Fr. Enrique Sanz Giménez-Rico, SJ, Rector of Comillas; Fr. Rufino Meana Peón, SJ, Delegate for Identity and Mission; and Federico de Montalvo Jääskeläinen, Vice-Rector for Institutional Relations and University General Registrar´s Office.

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The inaugural ceremony for the incoming Vice-Rectors, University General Registrar and Delegate for Identity and Mission was held at Comillas, at an event presided over by Fr. Enrique Sanz Giménez-Rico, SJ, Rector of the University, with a special live performance of several musical numbers by the Italian Jesuits S Daniele Ferron and S. Andrea Bonavita. The inaugural event began with the reading of the appointments by the Director of the Service for Institutional Relations and Protocol, and was followed by farewell remarks from the outgoing Vice-Rectors and acceptance speeches by the incoming Vice-Rectors.

The first of the presentations was given by Ana García-Mina Freire (link to address here), outgoing Vice Rector of Services for the University Community and Students, who stated that "if Comillas has prospered throughout these years, it is largely thanks to collective work, in a large network, in which so many people have participated, inspired by the same mission ". Her words were followed by those of Antonio Obregón García (link to address here), Vice-Rector for Academic Planning and Teaching Staff, who commented that "if anyone is to remember me during my time in office, perhaps it will be because I have brought together my love for the work of the Society of Jesus with an attempt to transmit and disseminate it ".

These addresses were followed by the remarks from the other incoming Vice-Rectors and officials. Fr. Rufino Meana Peón, SJ (link to address here), incoming Delegate for Identity and Mission, conveyed his thanks to the Rector for the trust placed in him upon taking on the task of fomenting the Identity and Mission of the University.  He commented on the universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus, the Ledesma-Kolvenbach-Agúndez pedagogical paradigm and the dimensions of Ignatian Anthropology. José María Ortiz Lozano (link to address here), incoming Vice-Rector for Organization and Digital Transformation, expressed the need to promote digital transformation holistically at our University and to create a Master Plan for Digital Transformation. Federico de Montalvo Jääskeläinen (link to address here), incoming Vice-Rector for Institutional Relations and the University General Registrar´s Office, pointed out that his mission is to consolidate institutional accreditations already achieved, thanks to the efforts of numerous colleagues employed at the University and, especially, his predecessors. Clara Martínez García (link to address here), incoming Vice Rector for Students and Alumni, confirmed that she plans to carry out her duties based on listening, dialogue and collaboration: "I think these qualities are the necessary ingredients to successfully carry out tasks such as the ones which we are now initiating". Mariano Ventosa Rodríguez (link to address here), incoming Vice-Rector for Research and Teaching Staff, remarked that "with assistance from everyone, together we will search, find and travel along the path that will lead us to successfully fulfill our mission as a University of the Society of Jesus." And in her inaugural remarks, Paloma Bilbao Calabuig (link to address here), Vice-Rector for Academic Strategy, Innovation and Internationalization, affirmed that she will seek to formulate academic strategy "combining different visions, so that together we may build and give life to the proposal of value and talent that Comillas offers to society. "

Enrique Sanz, SJ, Rector of Comillas (link to address here), concluded the event with a speech that combined an expression of his deep appreciation to the outgoing Vice-Rectors, Antonio Obregón, Ana García-Mina and Ana Soler, and his sincere congratulations to the incoming Vice-Rectors. He did so based on three important traits: tradition, action and hope. Tradition, since "today the outgoing Vice-Rectors have provided us with a vibrant, enrichening and sound treasure, which encompasses the important university areas of learning, innovation, academic organization, the organizational functioning of our university and, above all, that of the care of, and attention to, people". Action because "today, dear incoming Vice-Rectors, is the time to start moving; a time for action is opening up for you, since you have already presented your main lines of activities in your speeches." And Hope because, in a time of uncertainty, instability and volatility, "only with hope will we be able to continue advancing in our work, in spite of our vulnerability, with a sense of self-sacrifice and with a healthy dose of guidance from Above."

In his inaugural address, the Rector also highlighted the main changes that characterize the offices of the incoming Vice-Rectors: innovation for Professors and Teaching, especially Postgraduate and life-long learning, a greater connection between the teaching and research activity of Professors and Research Staff, maintaining connections with Alumni and fomenting their training, institutional and corporate communication, fomenting training and versatility among the Administration and Services Personnel, Digitization of Teaching and Research Staff as well as Administration and Services Personnel, internationalization, comprehensive training of students, quality in teaching, among others. He also referred to the appointment of the new Delegate for Identity and Mission, whose first objective will be "to generate the necessary structures so that all of our actions and activities are permeated by the spirit of the great Saint from Azpeitia, whose conversion we celebrate in this academic year:  Saint Ignatius of Loyola ".