Master's Degree in Process for the Canonical Annulment of Marriage

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2º Semester academic year 2022-2023: 01/12/22 to 13/01/23

Course 2023-2024: 17/01/23 to 31/08/24

50 places available

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2 years / 60 ECTS

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This Master's Degree is a private degree conferred by the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, approved by the Holy Se

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“Lawyers acting in Ecclesiastical Courts are in high demand”

What is the Master's Degree Program in Process for the Canonical Annulment of Marriage?

This Master's Degree seeks to offer channels of Canonical training to those individuals interested in studying Canon Law. The education and training of lawyers to act professionally with regard to Ecclesiastical Courts is an Ecclesiastical function which is in demand, both socially and professionally, and is a need to which this course aims to respond.

The Code of Canon Law sets forth, in order to act as a Lawyer in the Canonical Process of Annulment of Marriage, the requirement to be a duly trained expert in Canon Law (cn. 1483); the Judicial Vicar is the figure responsible for the verification of the need to admit a Lawyer to the list of Lawyers of the Ecclesiastical Court. This verification usually requires the presentation of a Degree or Certificate of Studies that guarantees Canonical training, without the need for a Bachelor's Degree in Canon Law.

Professors, of recognized prestige, hold positions of responsibility in Ecclesiastical Courts

The empowerment of lawyers to act professionally in Ecclesiastical Courts in Marriage Law and Annulment of Marriage cases is a function which is in demand at all levels; thus, the Faculty of Canon Law at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas attempts to offer, with this Master's Degree in Canon Law, a university-orientated education, rigorous and systematic in this field, contributing to educate and train Lawyers in Canon Law with a profound knowledge in this area.

This Master's Degree is a private degree conferred by the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, approved by the Holy See.

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Pontifical Approval

Private Degree of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, approved by the Holy See.

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Practical Dimension

Seminars, Legal Writing Workshops and Court Assistance.

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Professional Outlook

Provides the training required for the incorporation of Lawyers in Ecclesiastical Courts.

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Professors of recognized prestige, with positions of responsibility in Ecclesiastical Courts.



Pastoral Dimension

Our training places the individual at the center and is focussed on service to the Church and society.

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Personalized Attention

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Admissions Process


Process of Admission and Requirements
- Maximum number of places offered each year: 20
- In order to be admitted, candidates must submit the application form with the documentation required at the University General Registrar's Office: a photocopy of the DNI (National Identity Document) and a University Degree or Academic Certificate of Studies that allows for access to this Specialist Course. Once a Letter of Admission has been received from the Dean, enrollment in the University General Registrar's Office may be completed in General Registrar's Office.


Important Dates


Submission of applications :
Second semester of the 2022-2023 academic year: from December 1, 2022 to January 13, 2023.
2023-2024 academic year: from January 17 to August 31, 2023.

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Enrollment period: 2º Semester of the course 22-23: January 16, 2023
Course 23-24: September 2023


Applicant Profile/Requirements and Documentation


Who is this Master's Degree Program aimed at?
The main objective is to train lawyers with broad knowledge, in both theoretical and practical areas, in Matrimonial and Canon Procedural Law. For this reason, the recipients of the course are primarily Lawyers and Civil Attorneys, who intend to practice professionally in Ecclesiastical Courts.

Candidates who wish to train in this field, having an Undergraduate, Licenciate, or Bachelor’s Degree in Theology may also be admitted, especially with a view to collaborating in Ecclesiastical Courts (Psychologists, Psychiatrists or other interested parties) or in Family Pastoral Care.

This Master can be combined with the studies of the Bachelor's Degree in Canon Law, provided that the students have the required qualification for access to the master.


Information on Fees, Payments, Grants and Scholarships


The fees for the academic year are € 4.305,72, distributed as follows:
1º Course: € 1.399,36 divided in Registration Fee: € 592,40 and eight monthly payments of € 95,16.
2º Course: € 2.906,36 divided in Registration Fee: € 1.230,37 and eight monthly payments of € 197,64.
Comillas students have 10% discount

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Contact Information


Carmen Peña García

Dean´s Office of the Faculty of Canon Law
Cantoblanco Campus
C/ Universidad de Comillas, 3. 28049 Madrid - Spain

Future Students Office
C/ Alberto Aguilera, 21 - 28015 Madrid
Tel.: +34 91 540 61 32; Fax: +34 91 559 65 69

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CURSO 2021-2022
28.5 ECTS
Ecclesiology 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Normas (Libro I) 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Processes 10.5 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Redacción de escritos forenses I: Procesos de nulidad 6.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Redacción de escritos forenses II: procedimientos de disolución 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Seminar on Processes 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
CURSO 2022-2023
19.5 ECTS
Examen Fin de Máster 9.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Matrimonio 9.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Marital Legal Praxis 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Psychology and Matrimonial Law 4.5 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Marriage Law Seminar 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Teología Sacramental y Matrimonial 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA

El máster se imparte en dos cursos, que tendrán carácter cíclico, excepto Praxis Judicial Matrimonial, que se imparte en horario de mañana en el Tribunal de la Rota Española y se cursará siempre en segundo año.

Las asignaturas presenciales (42 ECTS) exigen asistencia y serán evaluadas por medio de examen o trabajo escrito. Las asignaturas de Redacción de escritos forenses (9 ECTS) pueden cursarse a distancia, y serán evaluadas por medio de una entrevista oral con el profesor, previa entrega de los trabajos objeto de esta asignatura. Estas asignaturas de Redacción de escritos forenses se cursarán siempre el año de Procesos, salvo que el alumno tenga ya aprobada o reconocida esa asignatura.

El examen final conclusivo (Examen Fin de Máster) consiste en un ejercicio teórico y otro práctico sobre asignaturas del programa, en el que el alumno demuestre que ha adquirido la competencia profesional como abogado en causas matrimoniales canónicas.