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The Interlibrary Loans and Access to Documents Service enables you to borrow original copies and reproductions of documents which are not found among the bibliographic collections of Comillas Pontifical University Library. This Service is available to the entire university network (lecturers, students, doctorate students, non-teaching staff). Likewise, our library supplies documents to any external institution that requests them.

Via the Interlibrary Loan Service we can further the development of the collections of each library, but not replace them. Therefore, original documents which have been published recently should not be requested, particularly Spanish, nor documents which are easily obtained.

It is necessary to always check the Catalogue of our library before requesting any document.

Management is located in the Cantoblanco campus, where the coordination of the university's Interlibrary Loan Service has been set up.

In brief, the procedure established by the Interlibrary Loan Service Regulations is the following:

REQUESTS: Documents are requested individually and with all possible bibliographic details for their subsequent identification (author, title, city where published, year, pages, ISBN, ISSN, etc.) sent to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The fees applicable to the service are determined by the Network of Spanish University Libraries (Rebiun);

Copies of documents of up to 40 pages: 5 euros + 21% VAT

For every additional set of 10 copies: 1 euro + 21% VAT

Borrowing original copies (for each physical volume) 8 euros (exempt from VAT)


The cost determined by the supplying institution will be applied.


When requests are submitted from an internal department, the service will be charged to that department, subject to prior authorization from the person in charge.

When requests are submitted from individual users, the payment can be made in cash, bank transfer, giro check, nominative check.