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These are internships of 3 months in European companies and are financed by the European Commission.

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To request more information, contact:

International Relations Service
Raquel Roncero
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Tel. +34 91 542 28 00 ext. 2881

  • Internship offers


    Internship offers
  • What are Erasmus work placement grants?

    The objective of these grants is to complete a period of residence and work experience for 3 months (2 months in exceptional cases) in a company or organization in another participating country, to help students adapt to the demands of the labor market at a European level by acquiring specific aptitudes, and improving their understanding of the economic and social context of the country in question, at the same time as acquiring work experience.

    What are Erasmus work placement grants?
  • Who can access these grants?

    The student must fulfill the following prerequisites:

    • Have Spanish nationality, or the nationality of any other EU member state or any state which participates in the Lifelong Learning Program, or have refugee status, be stateless, or be a permanent resident.
    • Be enrolled for any official qualification from Comillas Pontifical University, whether at bachelor's level (1st or 2nd cycle) or postgraduate (official master's and PhD courses).
    • Bachelor's degree students can also carry out an internship in the year immediately following completion of their course, on condition that they were selected in their final year of studies. (However, they will not receive academic recognition).
    • In the case of having previously received an Erasmus grant, whether to study or for work experience, it must not exceed 12 months for each study cycle.
    • Students may receive an Erasmus study grant and an Erasmus work placement grant in the same academic year, on condition that they are not simultaneous and do not exceed 12 months in total.
    • Possess knowledge of the language demanded by the company in the internship offer.
    • Students who are going to carry out internships in their countries of origin cannot obtain an Erasmus grant.
    Who can access these grants?
  • What is the time period for submitting applications?

    The application period is open, in other words you can obtain an Erasmus Work Placement Grant as long as there are grants available. Until November 30, 2014 the quota of grants assigned to faculties will be respected. From that date, any student on any course with an internship in line with this call can obtain the grant, in order of application.

    What is the time period for submitting applications?
  • How long do the internships last and in what period are they carried out?

    The internships will, in general, have a duration of 3 months, and must be completed before September 30, 2015.

    How long do the internships last and in what period are they carried out?
  • How much is the grant worth?

    The purpose of the support is to contribute to covering the additional costs deriving from the student's mobility on placement, principally travel and maintenance costs, and during their stay in the destination country.

    The value of the grant depends on the destination country. There are 3 groups of countries with support which varies between 300 and 400 euros.

    How much is the grant worth?
  • Can they be combined with other grants?

    During their studies, students may spend a maximum of twelve months on Erasmus Study and Erasmus Work Placement grants.

    Students can benefit from an Erasmus Study Grant and an Erasmus Work Placement Grant in the same academic year, on condition that they are not carried out simultaneously.

    The Erasmus Work Placement Grant can be combined with other possible national or regional co-financing, but cannot be combined with the Erasmus.es support from the Spanish Ministry of Education which finances internships. It can also be combined with any other payment in money or in kind provided by the company.


    Can they be combined with other grants?
  • Which companies can I go to and how do I contact them?

    The grants are issued for carrying out internships in companies, training centers, research centers, and other organizations located in the 27 member states of the European Union, in the three countries which are part of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway), and in Turkey and Croatia.

    The following types of organization are not considered eligible host bodies:

    • European Union institutions and other European Union bodies, including specialist agencies.
    • Organizations which manage community projects.
    • National diplomatic representations (embassies and consulates) of the student's country of origin.

    Business internships can be found in two ways:

    1. Students can contact a company by their own initiative and be selected.
    2. Students can apply for an internship from those offered by the companies to the Faculty/School, to the Internship and Careers Office, and to the International Relations Service. This offer of places is announced on the notice boards of each center and on this website in the “Internship offers” section.

    Once an offer of an internship has been obtained, the student will request approval for the internship, before the end of the grant application period, from the International Internship Coordinator of his or her center.

    Which companies can I go to and how do I contact them?
  • Who do I contact if I have been offered an internship?

    You must contact the International Internship Coordinator of the course or center, who will check the appropriateness of the internship, that the company meets the requirements for taking part in the program, and the internship is appropriate for the student's training and academic record.

    Furthermore, the student must go to the International Relations Service which will provide information about the documentation and steps to follow to attain the grant.

    Who do I contact if I have been offered an internship?
  • How do I apply for the grant?

    To apply for the grant the student must carry out the following steps:

    1. If you do not have an internship, complete the Erasmus Work Placement Grant Application form or Appendix I of this call and send it by email with your resume in the language in which you wish to do your internship to the following address rroncero@.upcomillas.es
    2. If you already have an internship, submit this signed application, with the approval of the International Internship Coordinator, to the International Relations Service, Alberto Aguilera 23, Ala Este, 4th floor, along with the following documentation:
      • Photocopy of the enrollment slip and the statement from the academic record.
      • Proof of knowledge of the language in question in the form requested by each center.
      • Acceptance from the company with a description of the duties and dates of the internship.

    The International Relations Service will inform you of the documentation and remaining steps necessary to attain the grant.

    Students who participate in this call give their express consent for their personal and academic data to be provided by the University to the host company.

    How do I apply for the grant?
  • What are the selection criteria?

    If the number of applications is greater than the number of grants available, they will be assigned according to the following criteria which will be evaluated by the International Internships Commission.

    • Academic record of the candidate (maximum of 10 points).
    • The necessary knowledge of the working language in the host organization, which will be evaluated with the tests which each center deems appropriate (maximum of 5 points).
    • Other supporting factors can be taken into account such as participation in courses, participation in exchange student associations, conferences, and research projects (maximum of 1 point).

    When awarding the grants, priority will be given to students whose internships are offered through the faculty or school, through the International Relations Service, and through the Internship and Careers Office of the University.

    What are the selection criteria?
  • What are the obligations of the student, the company, and the University?

    These obligations are contained, in general, in the “Quality commitment” which is submitted along with the Support Agreement and are, primarily, as follows:


    • Comply with all negotiated provisions with regards to his or her internship and do everything possible to ensure that the internship is fruitful.
    • Respect the rules and regulations of the host organization, its normal working day, its code of conduct, and its confidentiality policy.
    • Inform the center of origin of any problem with or change to the internship.
    • Present the documentation requested by the University, during and at the end of the internship.
    • Before joining the company, obtain the European Health Insurance Card to cover the risks of illness and accident and take out, through the University, insurance to cover accidents and civil liability if the company does not provide it.


    • Assign tasks and responsibilities to the students (in accordance with what is set out in the training agreement) which are appropriate to their knowledge, skills, and learning objectives, ensuring that they have adequate equipment and support.
    • Draw up a contract or another equivalent document which directs the internship, in accordance with the requirements of their national legislation.
    • Name a mentor, who will advise the students, help them to integrate into the host surroundings, and supervise the development of their training.


    • Help the student to choose an appropriate host organization, and decide on the duration of the project and content of the internship, to achieve the learning outcomes.
    • Select students based on transparent and clearly defined criteria and procedures, and sign an internship agreement with the chosen students.
    • Grant full recognition for the activities completed satisfactorily by the student in accordance with the training agreement.
    What are the obligations of the student, the company, and the university?
  • What documentation is required?

    To apply for the grants

    Complete the Erasmus Work Experience Grant Application form or Appendix I and present it in the manner and place stated on the application.

    What documentation is required?
  • Are the internships recorded on my academic record?

    Comillas Pontifical University will give full academic recognition for the foreign internship period completed in accordance with the conditions of the call, through recognition of credits and/or, if appropriate, the European Diploma Supplement.

    Are the internships recorded on my academic record?
  • When are the grant awards published?

    The grant awards will be publicly announced within a period of no more than 30 days from the end of the application period, on the notice boards of the International Relations Service and the center in question, and on this website in the “Documents” section, including the list of holders and substitutes, in order of points.

    When are the grant awards published?
  • What steps do I have to take to receive the grant?

    The recipient of the grant, before starting the internship, must sign the Support Agreement.

    The recipient must also complete and sign the Learning Agreement which will be agreed between the company, the student, and the University before starting the internship.

    80% of the value of the grant will be paid into the bank account of the student doing the internship in the month following receipt of the documents mentioned above.

    Before starting the internship, it is compulsory for the student to perform an on-line language level test which must be repeated at the end of the internship.

    Said test will be taken once the final part of the Learning Agreement has been submitted to the International Relations Service and the on-line EU Questionnaire has been completed within 30 calendar days of the invitation to complete it.

    What steps do I have to take to receive the grant?
  • Accepting or rejecting the grant

    The student must accept the grant at the International Relations Service within a maximum of 10 days counting from when the interested party is informed.

    If after the period indicated, the student withdraws without good cause, he or she can be penalized by preventing future participation in Erasmus calls or other exchange programs and, if appropriate, with other sanctions which each center deems relevant.

    If the internship does not take place or is shorter than agreed, the student must return the full amount received (in cases of force majeure, partial return for the period of work experience not completed can be requested).

    Accepting or rejecting the grant

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