Doctoral Theses

Information resources


  • Teseo

    A database with the references of the doctoral theses presented in Spain since 1976. It provides the following data: author, title, qualification, academic year, university and center where it was presented, abstract, and keywords.

  • TDR: Tesis doctorales en red

    A cooperative repository run by the Consortium of University Libraries of Catalonia (CBUC) and the Center of Scientific and Academic Services of Catalonia (CESCA). It contains the doctoral theses presented in universities in Catalonia and other autonomous communities. Consultation of the theses is open access and allows searches of full text, by author, supervisor, title, subject, university, year, etc.

  • DIALNET. Doctoral theses

    This platform hosts open-access doctoral theses from different Spanish universities.


  • DART-Europe E-theses Portal

    An association of research libraries and consortia of librarians that work together to improve global access to European doctoral theses. Its aim is to provide researchers with a single portal for accessing electronic theses from Europe.


  • Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)

    An international organization for the creation, use, dissemination, and preservation of electronic doctoral theses. The topics include how to find, create, and conserve theses, how to set up an ETD program, legal and technical questions, and the latest news and research.

    It has a joint catalog, hosted on WorldCat.

  • TEL (thèses-EN-ligne)

    From the Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe. A resource that provides an environment to self-archive theses. Its aim is to make them quickly and freely available to scientists from around the world. It does not provide any evaluation of the thesis.

  • ProQuest Dissertation & Thesis Open Access

    Full text access to open-access theses and dissertations from the ProQuest repository (formerly UMI). The works are available immediately. The bibliographical details are available later on from Google Scholar.

  • OATD - Open Access Theses and Dissertations

    The best resource for accessing open-access theses and dissertations. There are 600 universities in it, and it includes 1.5 million theses. It includes a tool for searching by grade, degree level, language, etc.


  • Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog KVK

    A search engine administered by the University of Karlsruhe. Search a large number of research library catalogs, from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as various major national libraries in other countries, and some large commercial catalogs.



  • Statistiques mondiales

    This collects statistics from all countries on economics, health, energy, etc. The sources it uses are: UN, IMF, EUROSTAT

  • UNdata: a World of information

    Global statistics from the United Nations' statistics division, covering a range of subjects: agriculture, crime, education, work, health, industry, population, etc.

  • UNESCO: Institute for statistics

    This compares countries' data to give an overall perspective on education, science, technology, culture, and communication.

  • The World Fact Book (Central Inteligence Agency)

    This offers information on the government, economy, and transport of 267 global entities. It has maps of regions and a guide for comparing countries.

  • OCDE

    Statistical data grouped by subject: agriculture, demographics, population, development, education, finance, industry, labor.

  • Eurostat

    The statistics office of the European Commission that produces data about the European Union and promotes the data harmonization. Organized in 9 thematic areas: general statistics; economy and finance; population and social conditions; industry, trade and services; agriculture and fishing; foreign trade; transport; environment and energy


  • I.N.E (National Statistics Institute)

    This body is legally entrusted with carrying out large scale statistical operations: censuses, national accounts, demographic and social statistics, economic and social indicators, business directories, electoral rolls.

  • C.I.S (Sociology Research Center)

    Its aim is the scientific study of Spanish society, carried out primarily through survey-based studies. From the website you can access complete information about the studies, the questions used in them, and about its series.

  • Statistical information bodies(Institute of Statistics of the Community of Madrid)

    Organized by autonomous communities, councils in the Community of Madrid, ministries, and international bodies by country.

  • Selección de direcciones con información estadística (Statistical Documentation Center-Autonomous University of Madrid)

    Classified by subject

Electronic Libraries

  • Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes (Miguel de Cervantes On-Line Library)

    Bibliographic collection with open-access works of literature, history, science, etc. It includes research works.

  • Biblioteca Digital Hispánica (Hispanica On-Line Library)

    A selection of unique documents that the Spanish national library preserves, whose content is essential for understanding Hispanic culture.

  • Hispana (Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport):

    This brings together the electronic collections of archives, libraries, and museums in accordance with the European Union's Open Archives Initiative.

    The institutional repositories of Spanish universities and the electronic libraries of the autonomous communities stand out, providing access to all sorts of material (manuscripts, printed books, photographs, maps…) from Spain's bibliographic heritage.

  • Biblioteca Virtual del Patrimonio Bibliográfico (On-Line Library of Bibliographic Heritage)

    A collaborative project between the Ministry of Culture and the autonomous communities with the aim of using digital facsimiles to disseminate the collections of manuscripts and printed books that form part of Spain's historical heritage.
    It allows unrestricted consultation of collections that, because of their nature, are hard to access. It is made up of digital facsimile reproductions of the collections that make up Spain's bibliographic heritage.
    The manuscripts as well as the incunabula and antique printed books have been chosen in accordance with criteria such as their rarity, their particular bibliographic importance, their representativeness or their relationship with the local or historical holdings of particular backgrounds.
    The collections of the monasteries of Santa María de Huerta, Santes Creus, and Poblet, the Borbón-Lorenzana collection, collections of antique printed books of the State Public Libraries in León, Orihuela, Cádiz, and Córdoba are particularly noteworthy, as are the rich Llullian collections of the State Public Library in Palma de Mallorca and the holdings relating to the War of Independence or the independence of the Spanish-American republics.

  • Biblioteca Digital AECID (AECID Electronic Library)

    This contains 1,843 works and over a million images belonging to the bibliographic holdings of the AECID Library.

  • The European Library

    This offers single access to the resources of 47 National Libraries from around Europe. It is a project of the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL).

  • Europeana

    This collects digital objects from European cultural institutions

  • World Digital Library

    Backed by the UN. This includes historical books, articles, and maps from all countries.

  • Google Books

    A Google service that searches for the complete text of the books that Google scans, converts them into text with optical character recognition, and stores them in its online database.

  • Open Library

    A project by Digital Archive and California State Library. This is an open project; the software is free, the data are public, the documentation is public and open, and the website is public.

  • The Open Music Library

    Initiative from Alexander Street to build the world’s most comprehensive open network of digital resources for the study of music. Curated by a community of music scholars, students, teachers and librarians, the Open Music Library brings together peer-reviewed journal articles, books and music scores from the world’s digital collections.

  • List of On-Line Libraries (by Universia)

Open Access: Repositories and Directories

Repositories and open-access journals


Content aggregating portal. It provides full-text access to journal articles, chapters from edited volumes, doctoral theses, books, working documents, etc.

It does this in two ways:

  • direct links to the full text that for those that are hosted on other servers
  • hosting full-text documents on the Dialnet server.

DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)

A directory of academic and scientific journals administered by the libraries of the University of Lund.

The journals included meet its high standards of quality: peer review or editorial control.

Its aim is to increase their profile and facilitate their use.

RECyT (Repositorio Español de Ciencia y Tecnología)

A project by the Spanish Science and Technology Foundation (FECYT).

It includes a set of services for the Spanish scientific community with the aim of supporting the professionalization and internationalization of Spanish scientific publications.

  • A public area (journal library) where users can search for scientific information that interests them.
  • A private area (Journal publishing) provides a tool for revision and complete publication of articles and scientific publications.

Social Science Open Access Repository (SSOAR)

Produced by GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (Germany)

An open-access repository containing preprints and postprints from the Social Sciences.
This project is coordinated by a publishing group with the help of a consultative panel comprising members of scientific societies. The quality of the contributions in assured.


A CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) project. This provides access to 1,000 journals and around 250,000 documents

The e-Revistas platform offers direct and transparent access to the content of the journals that comprise the platform, selected in accordance with editorial quality criteria, thus contributing to greater dissemination of the content.

The working model of e-Revistas gives scientific content publishers a central role, avoiding unnecessary duplication of content.

Open Science Harvesters


The outcome of collaboration between the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) and the Network of University Libraries (REBIUN). This platform brings together all of the scientific repositories in the country.

Amongst its aims, the following are especially noteworthy: is to give greater national and international profile to research carried out in Spain and to promote the use of the results.


This is the new platform in which the DRIVER project is integrated. It is a large-scale initiative with the participation of 50 partners from all of the EU countries and which has the aim of promoting open research and the reuse of academic publications that are the fruit of research funded by the EU.

It is prominent in the fields of health, energy, the environment, ICT infrastructure for research, social sciences, human sciences, and society.


The world's largest collector of digital objects, this belongs to the University of Michigan and is accessible from WorldCat.

OATD - Open Access Theses and Dissertations

The best resource for accessing open-access theses and dissertations. There are 600 universities in it, and it includes 1.5 million theses. It includes a tool for searching by grade, degree level, language, etc.


DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books)

Directory of books by academic and scientific publishers.

Drawn up by the OAPEN Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting open access


Scholarly Open Access: Critical analysis 

A blog by Jeffery Beall, a librarian at the University of Colorado. He compiles a list of open access journals with poor practice and fraudulent publishers.

OA journals included in Web of Science

OA journals included in Scopus


RIS: Repositorios Institucionales Españoles de Acceso Abierto

Developed by the Open Access to Science Research Group.

ROAR (Register of Open Access Repositories)

This directory was created by the University of Southampton. Its aim is to index and locate international institutional repositories.

OpenDOAR (The Directory of Open Accesss Repository)

This service for accessing repositories from all around the world was created by the University of Nottingham. It allows searches by repository and by country.

Academic Search Engines

  • Google Scholar
    Provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites. Google Scholar helps you find relevant work across the world of scholarly research.
  • BASE: Bielfeld Academic Search Engine
    One of the world's most voluminous search engines especially for academic open access web resources. BASE is operated by Bielefeld University Library.
    BASE provides more than 70 million documents from more than 3,000 sources. You can access the full texts of about 70% of the indexed documents. The index is continuously enhanced by integrating further OAI sources as well as local sources.
  • Jurn
    is a unique search-engine primarily dedicated to indexing free and 'open access' ejournals in the arts and humanities. It is a 'full text finder' that harnesses all the power of Google to search across quality open access content. In 2014 the scope of JURN was widened to include other open scholarly publications, such as theses and also ejournals in science, biomedical, business, law and ecology/nature related topics.
  • RefSeek
    Is a web search engine for students and researchers that aims to make academic information easily accessible to everyone. RefSeek searches more than one billion documents, including web pages, books, encyclopedias, journals, and newspapers.
    RefSeek's unique approach offers students comprehensive subject coverage without the information overload of a general search engine—increasing the visibility of academic information.

Official bulletins

Regional and provincial

How to request the acquisition of a book:

  • Access the catalog.
  • Enter the keys of reader (card and password).
  • Click "Conectar" (Connect).
  • Once you are in your personal session, click on "Mi biblioteca" (My Library).
  • Make the purchase request in Desideratas, clicking on "Añadir" (Add).
  • Fill in the requested data and "Aceptar" (OK).

In the event that the purchase request is made by a student, it will be compulsory to fill in the "Other information" field, indicating to which subject the requested bibliography corresponds.

The Interlibrary Loans and Access to Documents Service enables you to borrow original copies and reproductions of documents which are not found among the bibliographic collections of Comillas Pontifical University Library. This Service is available to the entire university network (lecturers, students, doctorate students, non-teaching staff). Likewise, our library supplies documents to any external institution that requests them.

Via the Interlibrary Loan Service we can further the development of the collections of each library, but not replace them. Therefore, original documents which have been published recently should not be requested, particularly Spanish, nor documents which are easily obtained.

It is necessary to always check the Catalogue of our library before requesting any document.

Management is located in the Cantoblanco campus, where the coordination of the university's Interlibrary Loan Service has been set up.

In brief, the procedure established by the Interlibrary Loan Service Regulations is the following:

REQUESTS: Documents are requested individually and with all possible bibliographic details for their subsequent identification (author, title, city where published, year, pages, ISBN, ISSN, etc.) sent to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The fees applicable to the service are determined by the Network of Spanish University Libraries (Rebiun);

Copies of documents of up to 40 pages: 5 euros + 21% VAT

For every additional set of 10 copies: 1 euro + 21% VAT

Borrowing original copies (for each physical volume) 8 euros (exempt from VAT)


The cost determined by the supplying institution will be applied.


When requests are submitted from an internal department, the service will be charged to that department, subject to prior authorization from the person in charge.

When requests are submitted from individual users, the payment can be made in cash, bank transfer, giro check, nominative check.

Social Work and Sociology

Portals and search engines

  • Centro Estatal de Documentación e Información de Servicios Sociales (CEDISS)
    Created by the Ministry of Work and Social Security. This organizes documentation about the social services and resources in Spain and in countries that are more advanced in this field. It has a specialist library on social action and social services.
  • Centro de Documentación Hegoa
    This is part of the Institute of Studies on Development and International Cooperation. University of the Basque Country. It disseminates a specialized collection in development and cooperation. It brings together a selection of interesting links, organized by subject.
  • Centro de Documentación Fuhem
    A private and independent institution, it focuses on educational action and social cohesion. It compiles a directory of links by subjects of interest
  • SerSocial 2.0
    An blog providing information and a meeting-point for professionals working in social services as well as other areas of intervention relating to people at risk of exclusion

Open access resources

  • SocArxiv
    An open-access repository specialized in Social Sciences
    Produced by Open Science Framework and settled in Maryland University


  • Official bodies: Spain
  • International organizations
  • Unofficial bodies: international
    • Social Policy Research Unit (SPRU)
      Hosted at the University of York, one of the most prestigious sites in research on social policy. Aims: to develop services to help the population in a position of vulnerability: poverty, age, disability.
    • International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW)
      This participates actively in a wide range of fields within the general areas of social development, social welfare, and social justice. These include matters such as food and nutrition, health and welfare services, social protection, education and housing as well as many others relating to economic development, human rights, and community participation
    • International Association for Schools of Social Work (IASSW)
      An association created to promote education in social work around the world. It provides a forum for exchanging social research, promoting human rights, and social development.
    • International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW)
      An international organization to fight for social justice and human rights, through the promotion of social work, models of best practice and the development of international cooperation
  • Unofficial bodies: national
    • Social Observatory of La Caixa
      Aims to be a reference point by contributing diagnoses of social reality and tendencies, and placing a special focus on the Foundation’s major spheres of activity: social inclusion, education, science and culture.
    • FOESSA Foundation
      The aims of FOESSA are: to serve the knowledge of the social reality of Spain; to be a continuous reference in the field of social exclusion and applied sociology; offer a meeting space for people, groups and entities that work in social analysis.
    • General Social Work Council
      The representative, coordinating and executive body for social work associations. It is responsible for regulating professional practice and protecting the prestige of the profession.

      It promotes compliance with human rights and social justice.

    • Conferencia de Decanos y Directores de Escuelas de Trabajo Social
      A body representing and defending interests to improve university training in social work.

      Aims: quality of training, constructing a space for dialog, encouraging academic activity.


Portals and search engines

  • El criminalista Digital
    Offers a selection of commentaries and updated online journals and other resources related to criminal law and criminology
  • Portal BOE
    A portal providing access to the Official Spanish State Gazette: it contains the following databases: IBERLEX, GAZETA (historical collection of the gazette from 1661 to 1959), the legal opinions of the state legal service, cases decided by the Constitutional Court (decisions and rulings) and legal opinions from the State Council since 1987.
  • Global Policing Database (GPD)
    Database which gathers 65 years of policing interventions from around the world
    The University of Queensland, in collaboration with the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) and the College of Policing. Intended for professionals and academics who stretch across the entire spectrum of policing research conducted in fields from law enforcement to public safety. In the future, the database will hold up to 5,000 studies on cases which date back to 1950.
  • Poder judicial España
    Access portal to the Spanish judicial bodies, which also provides access to information on various subjects: Judicial Statistics, Judicial Training, Gender Equality, Inspection, Judicial Networks, Domestic and Gender Violence, etc.



  • CENDOJ (Spanish acronym for Center for Legal Documentation)
    The General Council of the Judiciary's database, containing over five million sentences passed by the Supreme Court, the High Courts of Justice, the National High Court, and the Provincial High Courts.
  • Eurlex
    This gives access to all information relating to European Community law. It is free and is updated daily.



Portals and search engines

  • Search Europe
    A search engine for legal information from the EU.
  • Portal de la Constitución
    A portal providing access to the Spanish constitution, with each article annotated by a legal specialist, as well as to constitutions from other EU member states and other countries, translated into Spanish.
  • Portal BOE
    A portal providing access to the Official Spanish State Gazette: it contains the following databases: IBERLEX, GAZETA (historical collection of the gazette from 1661 to 1959), the legal opinions of the state legal service, cases decided by the Constitutional Court (decisions and rulings) and legal opinions from the State Council since 1987.
  • Biblioteca de Ciencias Sociales, Jurídicas y Económicas de la Administración Pública y del Ministerio Público
    A portal providing access to the libraries of these organisms:
    • Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales (Ministerio de Presidencia)
    • Instituto de Estudios Fiscales (MINHAP)
    • Instituto Nacional de Administración Pública (MINHAP)
    • Centro de Estudios Jurídicos (MJUS)
  • Europa
    The official page of the European Union, created in 1995. It provides access to information about the EU. This allows access to the EURLEX legal database.



  • ISOC Derecho
    A database with Spanish National Research Council abstracts that complies bibliographic records for articles published in 188 different Spanish journals since 1976. It contains annotated legal doctrine for any subject and analysis of legislation and jurisprudence.
  • CENDOJ (Center for Legal Documentation)
    The General Council of the Judiciary's database, containing over five million sentences passed by the Supreme Court, the High Courts of Justice, the National High Court, and the Provincial High Courts.
  • Eurlex
    This gives access to all information relating to European Community law. It is free and is updated daily.

Open Access Books

Theology and Religion


  • Vatican Library
    • Manuscripts
    • Incunabula
    • Printed books
    • Coins and Medals
    • Catalogue Graphic materials and Art objects: includes prints, maps, drawings, photographs and plates which are kept in the various collections of the Library
    • Archive
  • Pontifical Gregorian University. Library
    • Approximately 1 million books in the closed stacks, 70.000 directly accessible in the reading rooms.
    • Approximately 3.800 titles, whose 1.300 current, all directly accessible to the users (current issues and back volumes issues, more than 70.000 volumes)
  • Boston Theological Institute Libraries
    own a million and a half volumes in theology and related disciplines
  • Order of Friars Capuchin (Spanish Province)
    Two projects: Capuchin Writers Library and Capuchin Digital Library


  • URBE-Unione Roma Bibliotheche Ecclesistiche
    A reference database with over four million entries from the network of Catholic ecclesiastical libraries. It specializes in theology, not just relating to the Catholic Church, but also with extensive documentation from the ecumenical sector, and other non-Christian religions.
    IxTheo is a comprehensive bibliography for theology and religious studies. It is possible to search not only for articles, but also for monographs, databases and relevant Internet links.
  • RIM Association of Theological Schools in the USA and Canada
    RIM is a reference database that allows searches by author, title, thesis, or project entries and ATLA thematic headings. It also allows keyword searches in abstracts.
    A set of instruments for studying Thomas Aquinas including: an unabridged edition of this complete works; a comprehensive bibliographic catalog; an index of the main instruments for studying him; and a powerful database management system to generate indexes, reports, etc.
    Complete text of the works of all the Popes, Councils, Church Fathers, and writers of the Church up to Benedict XVI.

Portals and Search Engines

    This provides documents on theology and the Bible that are of academic interest.
    This is a multilingual online library that offers free access to more than 650,000 full-text documents, articles, periodicals, books, and other resources on theology, inter-religious dialog, ecumenism. Ethics and the Christian world.
    A global network of people and institutions interested in different fields of applied ethics that offers a global electronic library about ethics.
    A special version of Google that only searches sites that are in accordance with Roman Catholic Apostolic doctrine, has no adverts, and filters content that is contrary to the faith.
    a free, collaborative, multilingual, and fully searchable database of bibliographic records for scholarship in Jesuit Studies produced in the 21st century. This project provides the citations, abstracts, subject categories, and direct links to books, book chapters, journal articles, book reviews, and other works related to the study of Jesuit history, spirituality, educational heritage, and pedagogy.
    This provides objective summaries of academic literature on theology and religion. It compiles documents on Christianity, Judaism, and other religions.
    A website that brings together digitized materials, bibliographies, and links to other websites about the Bible, the history of the Church, theology, and missiology.


    A website on Spiritual Exercises of the Society of Jesus in Spain. It collects bibliographic references and information about spiritual exercises.
    The official website of the Vatican: news, resources, pontifical documents, access to other official websites.
    Official page with news, episcopal documents, and access to other related websites.
    Catholic directory with links to Catholic and non-Catholic websites that might be of interest.
    Retrospective and current information about dioceses and bishops from around the world.

International Relations

Reference works

  • The Free Dictionary
    Multilingual dictionary: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Norwegian, etc.
  • Language dictionaries and Translators
    Links to numerous dictionaries and translators, courses, chats in multiple languages
  • Glossary of the European Union
    Terms relating to European integration, institutions, and the activities of the EU
  • Biografías de líderes políticos (CIDOB) (only in Spanish)
    This provides contextualized biographies of political leaders and former leaders from around the world. It can be searched by country and by name
  • Europe Direct- Information service
  • This offers:
    • central information service by telephone or on-line
    • local information services offering specific information for the requirements of each EU country
  • EuroDocs
    A wiki developed by Richard Hacken (European Studies Bibliographer, Brigham Young University) Compiling historical documents from eastern Europe (transcribed, in facsimile, and translated). A source of information for understanding the historical facts of the countries.
  • BBC Country Profiles
    Country Profiles provide an instant guide to history, politics and economic background of countries and territories, and background on key institutions. They also include audio and video clips from BBC archives. Select a country, territory or international organisation from the menus

Portals and search engines

  • www.virtual Library : International Affaires Resources
    Prepared by Wayne A. Selcher (prof. International Political science , Elizabethtown College, USA). Compiles and describes thousands of high-quality sources of information on subjects on international relations, affairs and studies, global studies, etc.
  • Centro de Documentación Fuhem
    A private and independent institution, it focuses on educational action and social cohesion. It compiles a directory of links by subjects of interest
  • Gloobal
    An integrated documentation system for development services, it creates a space for exchange and mutual support between North-South organizations and networks. It provides the following services: information about social networks, organizations, conferences, and activities. A guide to information resources about the environment, health, and sustainability, as well as a dictionary of 35 thematic areas
  • Fundación Cidob (Centre for International Affairs)
    A reference point in the field of international and development studies, to create ideas and activities to raise awareness of belonging to a globalized world and improve understanding between societies.
  • e-International relations
    A portal with information on international relations and global events. It enables users to find articles, research, reviews, studies, interviews, news. It is a global forum for the latest ideas and events.

    Prepared by a group of lecturers and experts from different universities



  • Official bodies: Spain
  • Official bodies: other countries
  • International organizations
  • Unofficial bodies: international
    • European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)
      An independent body with the aim of integrating European foreign policy in support of shared interests and European values.

      It leads research and promotes debate on foreign policy.

    • Oxford Research Group
      A non-governmental organization that works to promote the non-violent resolution of conflicts. It champions the development of a more sustainable security.

      Its work is based on 4 pillars: dialog, diplomacy, negotiation, and quality of human relations.

    • esglobal
      European think tank for global action that provides innovative ideas and rigorous analysis of questions relating to international relations. Its mission is to influence public policies and practices with the aim of ensuring a more effective role for the European Union in its support for multilateralism, democratic values, security, and sustainable development.
  • Unofficial bodies: national
    • Real Instituto Elcano
      A forum for analysis and discussion of international current affairs, particularly Spain's international relations.

      Areas: Spanish foreign policy, cooperation, energy, defense, demographics, Spain's foreign image

  • Unofficial bodies: other countries
    • Brookings
      Non-profit think tank. Its mission is to lead high-quality and independent research. Its aims are:
      • To reinforce democracy in the USA
      • Economy and social welfare, security and opportunities
      • To support and strengthen a system of international cooperation
    • Council of Foreign Relations
      Independent think tank. Its mission is to improve understanding of the world and its foreign relations.
      • It supports various programs to promote interest in and create leaders in international politics amongst the upcoming generations.
      • Support for independent study and research programs
      • Developing up-to-date research
    • List of links by the Real Instituto Elcano
      A list of links to international, Spanish and foreign agencies (official and private). It is also possible to access the different networks to which the Institute belongs.



Reference works

Portals and search engines

  • Filosofía en español project
    A project by the Fundación Gustavo Bueno that aims to strengthen the development, dissemination, and knowledge of philosophy in Spanish.
  • Philpapers . Online Research in philosophy
    A portal developed by David Bourget (University of London) and David Chalmers (Australian National University). Its aim is to facilitate exchange and development of philosophical research, and to collect and organize articles and books by specialists in the field.
  • Persée. Portail de revues en sciences humaines et sociales
    It provides full-text access to journal articles, chapters from edited volumes, Conference proceedings, books, working documents, etc. Academic information on philosophy, theology, Psychology, History…
  • Philosophy Research Base
    This started as a tool to help philosophy students from Villanova University. It is organized by historical period, subject, and author. It contains high quality on-line texts and resources that are designed for both an academic audience and a general one and has an interest in all philosophical topics and related areas.
  • Guide de resources web en philosophie
    University of Montreal. Philosophy resources in French.

Open access resources

  • PhilSci Archive
    Developed by Eprints3 (Uni. of Southampton). A repository of pre-prints, specializing in philosophy. Its aim is to promote communication in this field through the rapid dissemination of academic works.
  • Cogprints
    A repository belonging to Eprints3 covering various areas: psychology, linguistics, and philosophy


  • Institute of Philosophy (CSIC)
    One of this institute's priorities is to become an interdisciplinary and open meeting place. The various activities it has put in place to achieve this -conferences, symposia, seminars-, include the "Conferencias Aranguren de Filosofía"
  • Biblioteca Filosofía UCM
    Compilation of Philosophical Resources made by the library of Universidad Complutense l
  • Red española de Filosofía
    Organization that unified the Spanish Philosophical Community. Its aims are to coordinate all associations, Foundations, educational institutions & research centers related to Philosophical profession.
    Its members are from the Philosophers Deans Spanish Conference , Instituto de Filosofía, and more than 40 Philosophical Associations.

Nursing and Physical Therapy

Reference works

  • Diccionario de términos médicos / Royal National Academy of Medicine
    This can be consulted from any device connected to the internet, including desktop and laptop computers, and smart phones. It includes all the terms that appear in the paper version and has the advantages offered by electronic searching. Medical language changes constantly, and this change matches the ever faster rate of new scientific advances. Consequently, this electronic version of the dictionary will periodically be updated, corrected, and improved with content that will complement what is included in the paper version. The search engine has been specifically designed to adapt to the content of the dictionary, and makes it possible to find the desired word quickly and precisely. The search menu allows users to select different criteria, making it possible for each user to obtain the best results.

Portals and search engines

    This is a search engine developed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) in the USA. It allows access to the databases compiled by the NLM such as MEDLINE, PreMEDLINE (comprising references sent by the publishers), Genbak, and Complete Genome.

    This includes 16 million bibliographic references and abstracts of articles on medicine, biomedicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, public health, preclinical sciences, and physical therapy from the 1950s to the present day. It also offers numerous full-text articles.

    PubMed also has other options such as: Nucleotide (DNA sequences); Protein (amino acid sequences); Genome (citations and diagrams of the genome); Structure (molecular structures in three dimensions); PubMed Central (free full-text digital archives); Taxonomy (database with the names of all the organisms represented in the genetic databases); OMIN (database of human genes); Books (collection of full-text books).

    The BVS includes the national and thematic electronic health libraries of Spain, Portugal, and the Latin American states, forming one of the principal international networks for accessing on-line information sources in the health sciences.

    BVS Spain allows access to different sources of scientific information in the health sciences, such as: LILACS, IBECS, MEDLINE, The Cochrane Library, SciELO...

  • JBI COnNECT Spain
    JBI COnNECT (Clinical Online Network of Evidence for Care and Therapeutics) is a computer platform that integrates resources and tools to help healthcare professionals to take evidence-based clinical decisions about the care and treatment of their patients. JBI COnNECT consists of a series of “nodes” that act as a portal for different areas of health. Universal free access to the resources of the Joanna Briggs Institute, throughout Spain, is available thanks to the subscription taken out by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs.
    Cantárida is a project by the Fundación Index that aims to create an environment of scientific exchange between publishers, authors, and readers. It is the on-line journal collection of the Fundación Index, including full-text journals and documentary holdings that are of interest for health care and are primarily of scientific content. Access is free for registered users (free registration).
    CUIDEN is the bibliographical database of the Fundación Index. It includes the academic output of Spain and Latin America in the field of nursing, both in a clinical-care perspective and with methodological, historical, social, or cultural focuses. It contains articles from academic journals, books, and monographs as well as unpublished material. Access is free for registered users (free registration).
  • IME
    A reference database of 321 periodical publications published in Spain on biomedicine (health administration, clinical pharmacy, experimental medicine, microbiology, psychiatry, public health). This is produced by the Instituto de Historia de la Ciencia y Documentación López Piñero (a joint institute of the University of Valencia and the Spanish National Research Council).
    A database containing approximately 69,000 abstracts of books, reports, articles, and audiovisual materials relating to disability and research into rehabilitation by NARIC, the National Rehabilitation Information Center. Each reference it contains includes bibliographic information, a 250-word abstract, and information on the project and the institution that prepared the document. Free universal open access.
  • PEDro
    The database of the CEBP, Centre for Evidence-Based Physiotherapy. A free database with over 16,000 clinical studies, systematic reviews, and clinical practice guides in Physical Therapy. It provides bibliographic information, abstracts, and links to the full text whenever possible.
    An independent medical website especially aimed at primary health care professionals that focuses on consultations and training.

Open access resources

    This is an independent publisher dedicated to publishing research articles in biology and medicine, specializing in open-access publications. All of the articles are peer reviewed and are currently available in PDF format.
  • Free Medical Journals
    A collection of open access medical journals. Foundation for Medical Education and Research, established in 2002. This is a center that collaborates with the WHO on education and research in human reproduction.
  • Open access medicine journals (Spanish)
    A collection of open access medical journals in Spanish. Foundation for Medical Education and Research, established in 2002. This is a center that collaborates with the WHO on education and research in human reproduction.


Reference works

  • European Education Thesaurus
    An education thesaurus based on automatic processing of the 2003 Spanish language version.
    This provides free access to the Diccionario de la Lengua Española and the Diccionario panhispánico, as well as responding to some linguistic queries.
  • TESE - The thesaurus for education systems in Europe
    multilingual controlled vocabulary – a carefully selected list of words called descriptors – on education systems in Europe. It is designed by the Eurydice network as an indexing tool for all European providers of education information.

Portals and search engines

  • Educared (Fundación Telefónica)
    EducaRed aims to promote use of the internet as a tool for pedagogical innovation and training amongst teachers, parents, and students at primary, secondary, and baccalaureate levels, and on mid-level training programs by providing a range of resources.
    A free on-line service to help find web resources for study and research. Following Intute's closure in 2011, the website will be available for three years.
    Each resource has been evaluated by specialists from universities in the United Kingdom.
    A network of educational information databases: Ibero-American research, innovation, resources, and education journals, with links to full-text documents where available.

Open access resources

  • Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) ISOC Abstracts - Education
    This contains the academic output in education published in Spain since the 1970s. They primarily cover articles from academic journals, as well as a selection of conference proceedings, series, compilations, reports, and monographs.
  • Cogprints
    A repository belonging to Eprints3 covering various areas: psychology, linguistics, and philosophy.
  • Guide to Online Educational Resources
    An extensive guide to resources where users can find and use the tools for which they are searching in their field of activity as well as an open training and information forum.
  • Agrega
    This makes it possible to view and download digital educational objects openly and freely. It combines the repositories of the autonomous communities and the Ministry of Education.


  • Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport
    Information about the services available on its website in areas such as education, media, grants, training, procedures, access to public education portals belonging to institutes, centers and autonomous communities.
  • + Educación: Portal de Educación de la Comunidad de Madrid (Education Portal of the Community of Madrid)
    This provides services and information to all members of the educational community, including information, data searching tools, didactic resources, interpersonal communication tools, training, counseling, entertainment, etc.
  • Eurydice Network
    This provides information and analysis on European educational systems and policy. Since 2013 it has consisted of 40 national units established in the 36 countries that participate in the EU's Lifelong Learning Programme (the member states, Croatia, the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland).
  • UNESCO- Education
    This covers current news, issues, and on education around the world and has a specialist thesaurus of educational terms.


  • Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport
    Every year this provides information about educational activities in public and private educational centers at non-university and university levels, economic resources, foreign relations, training and the labor market, and summary indicators and publications.
  • Eurostat - Education and Training
    This provides the European Union with statistics at a European level, enabling comparisons to be made between countries and regions.
  • OCDE - Education
    This includes statistics about staff, costs, numbers of foreign students registered, graduates by age and field of education, enrollment by type of institution, and the total population by sex and age. It also includes the international PISA study that was launched by the OECD in 1997.

Translation and Interpreting

Reference works

Websites: International

Websites: National


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Reference works

  • La Gran Enciclopedia de Economía
    An economics encyclopedia in Spanish with over 10,000 entries about terms form economics.
  • IMF economics terminology
    A glossary with more than 150,000 useful terms for translating texts relating to the IMF. The terms are presented in English with their equivalents in various languages. The list includes words, phrases, and names of institutions that usually appear in IMF documents on questions relating to currency and banking, public finances, balance of payments, and economic growth.

Portals and search engines

  • Economic Search Engine
    The American Economic Association's search engine for economic information. It indexes more than 23,000 on-line Economics resources from around the world.
  • Esade Knowledge
    A portal giving access to intellectual contributions by lecturers and researchers from ESADE, organized by subject areas, types of document, and the names of the lecturers and researchers.
  • RFE (Resources For Economist in Internet)
    A portal giving access to over 2,000 resources on economics, available on the internet and useful in both the academic and labor fields. It is run by the American Economic Association.

Official national bodies

  • Bank of Spain
    This is Spain's national central bank and the supervisor of its banking system. It allows access to the complete text of its publications (working documents, reports).
  • State Treasury
    The institution that issues Spain's public debt under the authority of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. It provides information about Treasury securities. It also describes the Spanish sovereign debt market, it presents the characteristics of the products and their fiscal treatment, the calendar and results of auctions are published here, and its publications are displayed.
  • Economic and Social Council
    This includes various business and trade union organizations. It is a high-level government advisory group.
  • National Council of the Stock Exchange
    This is the body responsible for supervising stock exchanges in Spain. Its objective is to guarantee transparency in the stock exchanges.

International organizations

  • International Monetary Fund (IMF)
    Its objective is to encourage international monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international commerce, promote employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world. It was founded in 1945, and is administered by its 188 member states.
  • World Bank
    An international organization whose purpose is to combat poverty and support development. It comprises two institutions belonging to its 188 member states: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), and the International Development Association (IDA). The IBRD's objective is to reduce poverty in medium income countries and creditworthy poor countries. The IDA in turn focuses its activities on the poorest countries. These institutions are part of a larger organization better known as the World Bank Group.
    It was created in 1944 and is based in Washington DC.
  • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
    An organization whose objective is to promote policies that improve the economic and social welfare of people around the world. It is a forum where governments can work together to share their experience and find solutions for common problems.
  • European Central Bank
    The central bank for the European single currency. Its main function is to maintain price stability in the Eurozone, comprising the 17 European Union countries that have adopted the euro since 1999.
    It allows access to the full text of its open access publications.
  • European Commission
    The website of the European Commission, the executive body of the European Union that is responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, defending EU treaties, and the EU's everyday activity.
  • European Banking Authority (EBA)
    A European body whose objectives are the stability of the financial system, the transparency of the markets, and the protection of depositors and investors within the EU.
  • European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
    A European body whose objectives are to safeguard the stability and efficacy of the financial system. It operates primarily in the field of activity of companies that offer investment services, corporate governance, accounts auditing, and finance information in the framework of the EU.
  • European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA)
    An EU committee comprising the authorities responsible for supervising insurance and pension funds in the EU.


  • ISOC Economía
    A database with Spanish National Research Council abstracts that compiles bibliographic records for articles and gray literature (theses, reports, papers) published in 170 different Spanish journals since 1976. It includes the full text of some of the documents.
  • NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research)
    A body responsible for diagnosing the economic cycles of the United States and tracing a chronology of its recessions since 1920. It allows access to its database of working documents, many of which are full text.
  • REPEC (Research Papers in Economics)
    This is the largest open-access on-line library that exists at present. It contains over 900,000 electronic documents. It is an indispensable source of information for accessing the latest Economics research results.
  • Social Science Research Network
    An open-access database that collates articles and academic journals from the social sciences. It allows the creation of free accounts for consulting and downloading the content of the full-text documents.
  • Repository of the European Central Bank
    This allows access to the working documents of the ECB with the aim of stimulating discussion and contributing to advancement of knowledge of economic problems.

Statistical information

Financial Markets

  • Spanish Stock Exchanges and Markets
    The operator of all the stock exchanges and financial systems in Spain. BME has been listed on the stock exchange since July 14, 2006 and has formed part of the IBEX 35® index since July 2007. In recent years it has become a reference point in the sector in terms of its financial standing, efficiency, and profitability.


Reference works

Portals and search engines

  • Encyclopedia of Psychology
    A resource created by the Department of Psychology, Jacksonville State University. It contains:
    • Specialized information in various fields of psychology, created by prestigious researchers and therapists.
    • A hierarchical database with links to websites on scientific psychology.
  • PsychNet-UK: The Science of Psychology
    PA private and independent portal with resources on psychology and psychiatry. Its aim is to become the main access point for students, psychologists, or anyone interested in psychology. It is constantly revised and updated.
  • Mentalhelp.Net
    This provides up to date scientific information on subjects relating to mental health and illnesses.
    • An exhaustive and detailed collection of websites on the subject.
    • Publication of blogs, podcasts, articles.
    • A group providing help with mental health for professionals and the general public.
  • COP professional portal
    The portal of the COP (Official College of Psychologists) of Madrid, in which information that is of interest for professional practice in various fields is collated.
  • Divulga Uned- Psicología
    A tool from the Scientific and Innovation Culture Unit (UCC+i) of the National Distance Learning University, it has the support of the Spanish Science and Technology Foundation (FECYT).
    • Dissemination of research activity among society.
    • Supporting scientific activity
    • Creating a space for commenting on scientific innovations
  • Pubmed
    Search engine of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) in the USA.

    It allows access to the databases compiled by the NLM such as MEDLINE, PreMEDLINE (comprising references sent by the publishers), Genbak, and Complete Genome.

    This includes 16 million bibliographic references and abstracts of articles on medicine, biomedicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, public health, preclinical sciences, and physical therapy from the 1950s to the present day. It also offers numerous full-text articles.

  • Psychological Research on the Net
    A portal created by Hanover College Psychology Department
    A compilation of studies and research in psychology, classified by subject matter.

Peer-review journals

  • Peer-review Psychology journals
    Medical Journal Links (MJL) A database of journals from the different areas of psychology: general, clinical, evolutionary, behavioral, neuropsychology. It includes the following information: whether it is open access; impact factor; abbreviation

Open access resources

  • Psydok: Open Access Repository
    An open-access psychology repository from the University of Saarland
  • Cogprints
    A repository belonging to Eprints3 covering various areas: psychology, linguistics, and philosophy
  • PubPshych
    Prepared by the Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information and other partners. An international system for recovering information on psychology (tests, therapeutic programs and research data) from European and North American producers of scientific information. The databases include: Psyndex, Pascal, Isoc-Psicología, Eric, Medline, NARCIS, NOART, PsychOpen, PsychData


  • American Psychologyical Association
    The scientific and professional body of psychologists in the USA. Its mission is the development of psychology as a science and as a profession.
  • EFPA: European Federation of Psychologists? Associations
    An organization that brings together national psychology associations from across the EU. Its objective is the development of psychology as a science and as a discipline. Its aim is to integrate psychological practice and research.
  • Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Psicólogos
    The General Council of Official Psychologists' Associations is the coordinating and representative body for these associations. Its objectives include: the scientific promotion of psychology and improving professional activities; promoting and organizing conferences, seminars, etc.

Engineering and Computer Science