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Discover the current situation in politics, the environment, economics and culture in China, one of the principal players on the world stage and one of the main catalysts of the economy in a globalized world.  Familiarize yourself from “Inside” with the Chinese point of view on international relations, its principal role in the world, important variables in its socio-political system, its main problems with the environment, its economic potential and its great diversity and cultural richness.

What are the Program's objetives:

The program it is aimed at students and professionals with an interest in discovering the ancient yet still vigorous Chinese culture that has a tremendous influence in East-Asian history, as well as feeling its rapid economic growth, socio-environmental challenges, and the role of China in global geo-politics today.

What does the Program cover:

This two-week course is conducted in English and Spanish in the cities of Beijing and Xi’an with classes at universities, seminars, and site-visits to museums, world heritage sites, international corporations and embassies. Basic subjects will be covered such as: history and political system of China, economic policies, foreign investment and international trade, China’s cultural and economic exchange with the West, China’s geopolitical strategy and diplomatic relations with Spain and EU, environmental challenges, philosophies and religions, etc.

Intended for:

University students, postgraduates, and professionals in the fields of International Relations, East-Asian Studies, International Economics, Business, Development, Sociology, History, Political studies, Religion, Environmental Sciences, etc. All participants must have a sufficient level of English, sufficient maturity and ability to adapt to the realities of a developing country, as well as commitment and engagement with the program objectives.

Program of the Course:

Organized by Comillas in collaboration with Beijing Camino International Cultural Exchange Center (BCC), which bridges with major universities in China.

The program consists of 24 teaching hours with lecturers and professionals who are experts in History, Culture, Politics, Ethnic studies, International Relations, International Economic, Business, and Environmental Science.

Professional Visits: Spanish Embassy-Beijing, EU Embassy-Beijing, EFE Agency-Beijing, Grant Thornton Ltd Beijing, etc.

Cultural Visits: The Forbidden City, The Great Wall, Tomb of Missionaries (where early Jesuit missionaries such as Matteo Ricci, Adam Shall, Ferdinand Verbist, etc. are buried), China’s National Museum, Beijing Cathedrals (where Spanish Jesuit missionary Diego Pantoja worked), Ancient Observatory (where early Jesuits have worked), Terra Cotta Warriors, Shaanxi History Museum, Great Mosque of Xi’an, etc.

Possibility of validating 4 ECTS for your course.

The course may be validated for 4 ECTS credits. Please consult the University Rules and Regulations for “CDSR” Credits.

If you go for the INSIDE-4-CHINA you can validate 6 ECTS credits. 


From Sunday, June 30ththto Sunday, July 14thst, 2019.

Course fees:

The price of the course is € 2,250, including all classes and lectures, professional visits, entry to cultural sites, domestic transportation, food (except for weekend), accommodation and local guides and translators. The price does not include international flights, visa and telecommunication.

BRIDGE-2-CHINA Language supplementary course

This is an intensive Chinese language program for those who earnestly want to learn or master Chinese. BRIDGE-2-CHINA aims to bridge towards a deep understanding of contemporary China, allowing participants to engage in a constructive cross-cultural dialogue with this revived stakeholder of global economy and politics. This two-week language course is conducted in Kunming, capital of the Yunnan Province, Southwest China. Yunnan is known for its ancient Tea-Horse Trade Route, multi-ethnical cultures, rich bio-diversity, ever-mild climate and delicious Southwest Chinese cuisine. Besides the weekly 20-hour intensive Chinese language studies, there are also 2 cultural classes or site visits each week. The price for the single course is 2,250€, but if the pack of four weeks INSIDE-4-CHINA (BRIDGE-2-CHINA + INSIDE CHINA) is chosen, the overall price is €3,900.

Important reminder

  1. Participants enrolling in the 2-week program of INSIDE CHINA please note that the program starts in the city of XI’AN and ends in the city of BEIJING. Please keep this in mind when arranging your international flights, as well as the time difference.
  2. Participants enrolling in the 2-week language program, BRIDGE-2-CHINA, please note that the program starts and ends in the city of KUNMING.
  3. Participants enrolling in the 4-week program INSIDE-4-CHINA please note that the program starts in the city of KUNMING and ends in the city of BEIJING. Please make sure you arrive in the right destination on the expected date to get started on time.