Bachelor's Degree in Sacred Theology (S.T.B.) - TUP: Evening program

The Bachelor’s Degree in Theology is the Canonical Degree granted by the Holy See, recognized by the Spanish State as the Bachelor´s Degree in Theology.

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15/01/2020 – 31/08/2020

2/12/2020 - 13/01/2021
(only second semester)

50 places available

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5 years

300 ECTS



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“Delve deeper in Faith and prepare for service to the people of God”

What is the TUP?

The University Theology for Postgraduates (UTP) course is aimed at people with a university degree who, for work or family reasons, cannot attend the programme taught in the morning. It is an organic evening course involving ten hours of classes per week for five years. It leads, through an examination before a panel on theology as a whole, to the qualification of Bachelor of Theology, awarded in the name of the Holy See.

It is aimed at people who wish to learn more about Catholic doctrine, taken from Sacred Scripture and Tradition, and gain a better understanding of the scientific research that makes it possible to present the mystery of Christ with increasing clarity taking account of the great contemporary cultural movements and the problems that affect the man of our time.

Theology addressed especially to laity

It is a higher education course in the various philosophical and theological disciplines; Systematic Theology, Morality, Sacred Scripture, History of the Church, Pastoral Theology and Liturgy, following Catholic doctrine, and training for a qualified contribution and a more comprehensive service to the people of God.

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What makes us different

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Professors in the Faculty

Percentage of professors of Theology who hold Doctorates

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Level of recommendation

Percentage of Alumni of the University who would recommend the Degree studied

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Network of Alumni

Number of former students enrolled in the “Comillas Alumni Association”

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Number of publications, in 5 years, in the Faculty of Theology.



Student satisfaction

Average rating of satisfaction with the Professorial staff (out of 10).

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With the Bachelor´s Degree in Theology, you will obtain a European Qualifications Framework Level (EQF) 7

Rodriguez PanizoProfessor at Comillas

All you need to know


Admissions Process


Admission to the Degree
The application for admission to the degree must be submitted within the period indicated for this purpose, in a standardized form, and accompanied by all of the documents accrediting compliance with the requirements for access to the degree.

The successful incorporation of students and the acquisition of student rights and privileges corresponding to enrollment are obtained by completing the enrollment procecdures within the deadlines given and by means of the procedure indicated by the General Registrar´s Office of the university.

In order to maintain the status of student, registration is required at the beginning of each academic year.


Important Dates

  • Submission of applications:
    15/01/2020 - 31/08/2020
    2/12/2020 - 13/01/2021 (only second semester)
  • Open Day:
  • Enrollment period:
    8/06/2020 - 31/08/2020
    2/12/2020 - 13/01/2021 (only second semester)
  • Classes begin on: 1/09/2020


Applicant Profile/Requirements and Documentation


Profile for Admission to the Degree

University Degree (Bachelor´s Degree, or equivalents, “Diplomatura” or “Licenciatura”). Foreign students who have not studied in Spanish and who wish to begin a Bachelor´s – Undergraduate - Degree must accredit their language level through the DELE B2 Diploma (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language), awarded by the Instituto Cervantes Instituto Cervantes or another equivalent Institute of Languages, being in this latter case the Dean of the Faculty who, in consultation with the University Institute of Modern Languages at Comillas, will determine if the certificate of equivalence is sufficient for enrollment.

Students who do not provide the required DELE Diploma must take a language test, offered by the Faculty of Theology at the beginning of the year, through the University Institute of Modern Languages at the University.

Requirements and Documentation

To begin your studies in Theology, it is an indispensable condition to prove that you comply with the legal requirements for access to the University.

Informative note on the documentation to be submitted


Information on Financial Aid, Grants and Scholarships


Course fees: € 875.28 plus nine monthly installments of € 179.20 each.

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Contact Information


Dean´s Office of the Faculty of Theology
Cantoblanco Campus
C/ Universidad de Comillas, 3. 28049 Madrid - Spain

Information and Student Welcome Office
C/ Alberto Aguilera, 21 - 28015 Madrid - Spain
Tel.: 91 540 61 32 - Fax: 91 559 65 69
Office hours: From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:30 h
Monday to Thursday from 15:30 to 19:00


To Apply for Admission


Are you convinced about studying this degree? You need not wait any longer!

Application for admission

Who are you going to study with and what are you going to learn

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Primer año:
History of Philosophy 1 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
History of Philosophy 2 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Introduction to the Holy Scriptures 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Introduction to Christianity 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
N.T. 1: Gospels and Acts 14.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Fundamental Theology 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Segundo año:
History of the Old Church and Patrology 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
History of the Medieval Church 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Metaphysics 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Human Morality 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Fundamental Morality 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
New Testament II: Letters and Epistles 14.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Theory of Knowledge 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Tercer año:
Old Testament I: Pentateuch and Historical Books 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Old Testament II: Prophets 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Old Testament III: Wisdom and Apocalyptic Literature 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Philosophical Anthropology 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Christology. Mariology 14.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
The Mystery of God 14.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Cuarto año:
Theological Anthropology 14.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Ecclesiology 14.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
History of the Contemporary Church 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
History of the Modern Church 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Social Moral Doctrine 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Pastoral Theology 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Quinto año:
Eschatology 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Sacraments 14.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Theological summary seminar 25.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Spiritual Theology 7.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
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Since their foundation, the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, Theology and Canon Law at the Comillas Pontifical University have had the vocation of promoting Humanism and Diversity. They are defined by their will to educate and train people, capable of taking thought and ideas to the highest levels, giving them the precise skills to be useful individuals and improve the life of the complex world in which we live.



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