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Los doctorandos de Comillas CIHS organizaron una jornada multicisciplinar sobre los cuidados

Las alumnas han viajado a ocho países distintos

The meeting served to honor the career of the Director of the Post-Graduate program “Specialist in Clinical and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy”, one of the oldest and most successful at Comillas.

Comillas CIHS y Comillas ICAI acogieron sendas ferias de actividades y servicios a la Comunidad Universitaria, y asociaciones de alumnos

Roberto Rodríguez has been a Professor for 20 years and has been Director of Communication in national and regional public administrations

Two professors from the University participate in the most important conference of experts on Latin American themes in the world

A professor of Psychology at Comillas publishes a book on how to study the cognitive abilities of animals

The award was granted by the Complutense University of Madrid

Four professors at the university participated in the conference 'Transforming Society and Culture Through Education'

El profesor Angelo Valastro es el autor de la edición bilingüe


Several activities were organized to commemorate the Semaine de la Langue Française et de la Francophonie (French Language and Francophone Week)

The diplomat Gil-Casares offered students of International Relations the keys to opt for the diplomatic career

La universidad escocesa toma de modelo a Comillas para su programa de integración “Breaking Barriers”

Alberto Priego will develop future scenarios that help public authorities in Spain to have more information when decisions are made in the international arena

They have been to 12 cities in eight different countries

Ten students from the university collaborated in the meeting that lasted four days

During the 2nd Conference Against Human Trafficking it was revealed that 70% of judges and lawyers polled call for a greater effort to pursue and punish this crime

The Ambassador of this Arab country visited Comillas to engage in dialogue with students

The 2nd Conference on Social Work in the area of Health Care was held in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The University hosts a debate on the point at which Philosophy finds itself at the present time

Alberto Priego, a Professor of International Relations, will be a member of the Scientific Committee for WOCMES

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences organizes a conference on French as a tool for integration and communication

More than half of the students from both undergraduate degrees were able to take advantage of international internships

Eight researchers from the Department of Translation and Interpreting analyze re-translations