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Comillas ICAI entregó sus premios a los mejores proyectos fin de carrera de la ETSI-ICAI del curso 2017-18


Marcelino Oreja, CEO de Enagás, destacó que “el entorno digital nos obliga a ser cada vez más ágiles”

La Cátedra de Industria Conectada celebró una jornada dedicada a la agenda digital


The Seminar "The New Regime for Challenging Social Agreements" is the scene for the re-launching of the Garrigues Chair for the Modernization of Company Law

An expert from the Elcano Royal Institute analyzes the importance of the geo-strategy of energy in the Mediterranean

Roberto Gesteira was chosen to represent the University after a selection process at the School

The work has just been published in the journal 'Frontiers in Microbiology'

Francisco Riberas reviews the history of Gestamp, the importance of technology and the future of the company that recently went public on the Stock Exchange

David Gómez Castro, from Comillas ICAI, is awarded by BBVA and the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society

The project analyzes the role of reversible substations to improve the energy efficiency of rail transport

Forty-two students of the Master’s Degree Program in Connected Industry joined the company's experts for the event

The Chair for Connected Industry inaugurated a new format for 'Conversations 4.0'

A new edition of the Law Notebooks for Engineers is presented

 Comillas ICAI-ICADE crea la Cátedra de Energía y Pobreza con la participación de múltiples empresas y agentes sociales

La nueva cátedra investigará de manera interdisciplinar en varios aspectos que confluyen en la pobreza vinculada a la energía: el tecnológico, el social, el empresarial y el legal.

The Chair for Connected Industry organized a workshop on Robotics 4.0

The Rafael Mariño Chair organized the 3rd “Conference on the Management of Used Nuclear Fuel” in the Spanish Parliament

Comillas hosts a session of the Catastrophe Observatory of the AON Spain Foundation focused on these two phenomena


The president of IBM Spain participates in a breakfast organized by the Chair for Connected Industry

This figure was announced during the conference “Security in Industry 4.0”, organized by the Chair on Connected Industry

Decarbonization, air quality, technology and demand management are the main challenges of sustainable mobilityes

Linares is a professor at Comillas ICAI and Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations

The IIT investigates the behavior of Physarum Pollycephalum, on which it has already worked to create transport networks

Celeraton, fomented by Comillas, brought together some fifty researchers who are involved in five projects

This is the only official Spanish Master´s Degree Program specialized in Railway Engineering, and the only one accredited by the ENAEE

The Chairman of the Board at Endesa warned companies that it is necessary to adapt to a future full of uncertainty as a result of the digital revolution.

The Chair for Connected Industry reveals the profiles of the Industry 4.0 future leaders

The BP Chair for Energy and Sustainability presents the 2016 Report of the Observatory on Energy and Sustainability

A joint study foresees the use of intelligent devices which decide when to begin functioning depending on the price of electricity