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The Chair in Science, Technology and Religion (abbreviated to the CTR Chair) promotes and facilitates extensive and meticulous dialog between the world view advocated by science and technology and that which derives from philosophical and theological thought, handed down from cultural and religious traditions. This requires:

  • developing a meta-scientific framework for discussion regarding the epistemology and basic philosophy of science and technology, as well as their ethical implications.
  • a serious multidisciplinary and collaborative effort so that the perspectives of different sciences and religious stances are adequately addressed.

The aim of this serious dialogue is to facilitate intellectual concord and conciliation in society with special attention being paid to everything that influences social ethics.


The "Science, Technology and Social Ethics" Program, which is funded by Endesa and Iberdrola, has incorporated many activities since 2007 which are carried out by the CTR Chair, each year linking them in the most efficient way possible with the particular projects existing at the time.

The Sophia-Iberia in Europe project, funded by the John Templeton Foundation, was implemented by the CTR Chair from 2007 to 2010 and has its own website in English.


José Manuel Caamaño López

Advisory Council:
Mario Castro Ponce
Pedro Fernández Castelao
Miguel Ángel Agúndez Betelu
Sara Lumbreras Sancho

Marta Medina Balguerías

Contact details:
ICAI School of Engineering
Comillas Pontifical University
C/ Alberto Aguilera, 25
28015 - Madrid
Francisco de Ricci