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Universidad I+J

Universidad I + J

Universidad I+J

What are the four defining features of a Society of Jesus university?

Volunteer work: is it just a question of justice?

What is the "role" of universities in society today?

What do we need to know in order to contribute to the comprehensive development of the people around us?

Are universities only a place for students to learn?

Through the joint action of the services of Pastoral Care, Solidarity, Sports, Cultural Activities and Social Work, we seek to ensure our university creates spaces of learning and development for everyone who forms part of the Comillas community.

For this reason, during this academic year, we have once again organized an initial training group for PAS [staff working in administration and services] and PDI [teaching and research staff] interested in Universidad I+J:

  • What we are going to do...
    Five sessions, in seminar format, in which we will explore three key areas of interest:
    The essential characteristics of a Society of Jesus university
    Justice and its application within the university
    Comprehensive training through the development of "creative intelligence"
  • How we are going to do it...
    Following a master strategy: understanding, practicing, exploring and generating new learning experiences
  • In order to ...
    Learn new values
    Strengthen social action
    Launch consistent projects: vision + mission

Junior group training schedule 2013-14

  • April 24: A snapshot of the Society of Jesus
    - The figure of Ignacio de Loyola.
    - An overview of the spiritual exercises.
    - Key features of Ignatian spirituality.

    Alejandro Labajos Broncano S.J. - Lecturer at the Department of Moral Theology and Christian Praxis at the Faculty of Theology and Pastoral Service collaborator

    Includes a mid-afternoon snack
  • April 30: The university as a social agent
    - Justice in the university branch of the Society of Jesus.
    - The recipients of the university's awareness-raising work: what our current students are like.
    - Features and strategies of a university

    Carlos Prieto – Director of Comillas Solidaria

    Includes a mid-afternoon snack
  • May 7: Comprehensive training based on the development of "creative intelligence"
    - What is creative intelligence.
    - Why it is necessary.
    - How it is developed: the different types of human intelligence and the disciplines that go with them.

    Sandra Huertas – Director of the Social Work Unit

    Includes a mid-afternoon snack
  • May 21: Best practices for developing creative intelligence
    - Contributions from theatre and performing arts
    - Contributions from dance
    - Contributions from sport

    Luis Sampedro. Actor

    Includes a mid-afternoon snack
  • May 28: Evaluation
    - Group reflection and evaluation
    - Suggestions looking forward

    Includes a mid-afternoon snack
    TIMETABLE:17:30 to 20:00
    PLACE: Alberto Aguilera. Aula E-311
    AIMED AT: Full-time PDI and PAS
    PLACES: 25 places assigned on a first-come-first-served basis

    Minimum of 10 participants required per session.

    OTHER INFORMATION: A mid-afternoon snack is provided during the sessions

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