Master's Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language to Spanish-Speaking children

Submission of applications:
Start: January 9, 2017
End: September 12, 2017.

Duration: 1 year (Full-time in Spanish and / or with a translator in Chinese )

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Credits: 60 ECTS
Places available: 40, Spanish

Among the many barriers that exist in Western countries to expanding the teaching of Chinese in Primary and Secondary Educations, the most important is the lack of suitably qualified teaching staff.

For this reason, the Institute of Education Sciences, in collaboration with Macma Enseñanza de Chino, has organised, since the 2012-13 academic year, the Master's Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language to Spanish-speaking Children.


因此,卡米亚斯大主教大学教育科学学院从2012-2013 学年开始和macma 中文教育集团合作,开设了“针对西班牙幼儿及青少年汉语教育”硕士课程.

Among the many barriers found in western countries to extend Chinese teaching to primary and secondary education, the most important one is the lack of appropriately qualified teachers.

In this sense, from the academic year 2012-13, the Instituto de Ciencias de la Educación, in collaboration with Macma Enseñanza de Chino, organises the "Course in Chinese Teaching as a Foreign Language for Spanish-speaking children” (27 ECTS in the academic year 2015-16), showing the following progress in its four editions: 16, 21, 25 and 31 students.

This Master's Degree tries to contribute to solving this demand through the training of native teachers in the pedagogical aspects of the teaching of Chinese for western children, helping them to incorporate teaching principles different from those of their cultural setting.


这方面,从2012-13学年起,我校教育科学学院与Macma汉语教学合作,推出针对西语母语儿童的队外汉语教学课程(在2015-16学年27学分),在4年里分别招收了1621 25 31名学生。


Student's profile

Native Chinese student with a university degree who wants to pursue a career in teaching of the Chinese language to children. The university studies completed in China did not provide the student with the necessary pedagogical knowledge to work as a teacher in western countries. 



Student's entry requirements.

Students must comply with the following requirements:

  • Being in possession of a Licenciatura (four or five-year) Degree, a Diplomatura (three-year) Degree, a Grado (four-year) Degree or equivalent.
  • Native level of Chinese or C1 (courses are taught in Mandarin Chinese).
  • Passing the selection interview.
  • 拥有本科或大专学历以上
  • 中文母语或者C1以上中文水平
  • 过项目面试选拔

For further information please download this document with the complete information on the programme.


David Casillas Hidalgo

Tel. 91 734 39 50 (Ext. 2528)

Fax: 91 734 45 70

C.e.:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facultad de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales

C/ Universidad Comillas 3

28049 Madrid.

Objective of the Master's Degree.
  • Training teachers in the pedagogical and practical aspects of Chinese teaching in schools, mainly for children between 4 and 16 at beginners’ level.
  • Given the existing cultural differences between the western educational model and the Chinese model and the fact that most of the students of this programme are Chinese, the emphasis is placed on teaching pedagogical aspects of teaching children.
  • Introducing some of the linguistic and grammatical aspects of Chinese teaching for Spanish speakers so that future teachers know, in general, the main difficulties Spanish speakers have in the oral and written learning of the Chinese language. However, this programme does not focus mainly on grammatical aspects, but on pedagogical ones.
  • Training with a methodology for Chinese teaching mainly focused on communication and on the use of interactive resources: tales, songs, theatre plays, games, collaborative work in the classroom, etc. with the support of new technologies and the Internet.
  • Providing Chinese teachers with a basic level of Spanish (B1), focusing on the language used in the classroom so that they can develop their duties as teachers.

The Master's Degree is taught in Chinese, by teachers who speak Chinese or with a translator's assistance for those who do not speak Chinese.

This Master's Degree results from the collaboration between the Pontifical Comillas University and Macma Enseñanza de Chino


  • 培养针对4-16岁的青少年群体,熟悉教学法并拥有教学实践能力的中文教师。
  • 由于中国和西班牙在教育模式方面存在着文化差异,而且本课程的学生大部分来自中国,所以这个课程的重点是向学生讲授幼儿教育的一些知识。
  • 本课程将向学生们介绍向西语国家儿童进行汉语教育的语言和语法方面的知识,让未来的汉语教师大体知道,说西语的学生学习汉语最大的困难是汉语的口语和写作。但是,这个课程的主要目的不是强调语法,而是教学方法。
  • 本课程的最终目的是,学生们能掌握教授汉语的一个方法,即主要靠交流和互动进行教学,如故事、歌曲、表演、游戏,在教室里的集体活动,等等,以及借助科技和网络的帮助。
  • 中国老师西语水品达到B1 级别,课程内容真对课堂应用西班牙语,旨在帮助老师组织课堂教学活动。




The programme's mode of delivery is in-class, according to the following structure.

Module 1: Psycho-pedagogical basis of the teaching-learning process (11 ECTS)
  • Psychology of education. (6 ECTS). Astrid Illán
  • General didactics (3 ECTS). Mariu Tesorero
  • The teacher in the school centre (2 ECTS). Sole Amián
Module 2: Didactics of Chinese teaching (17 ECTS).
  • Specific problems of Spanish-speaking students (1 ECTS). Taciana Fisac
  • Planning of practical exercises (5 ECTS) Sole Amián.
  • Didactics of Chinese teaching in Childhood education (2 ECTS). Lei Zheng
  • Didactics of Chinese teaching in Primary education (4 ECTS). Sun Shao Hua
  • Didactics of Chinese teaching in Secondary education (2 ECTS). Shu Yuan Li
  • New technologies in Chinese teaching (1 ECTS). Sun Shao Hua
  • Intercultural communicative competence. Chinese grammar (2 ECTS). Sun Shao Hua
Module 3: Spanish in the Classroom B1 Level (14 ECTS).
  • B1.1 Level (6 ECTS). Daniel Redondo
  • B1.2 Level (6 ECTS). Tatiana Pliego
  • Spanish in the classroom (1 ECTS). Tatiana Pliego
Module 4: Placement (18 ECTS).

This subject comprises 180 hours of practical work throughout which the student will be able to apply the knowledge acquired in the programme, teaching Chinese lessons.




  • 教育心理学(6学分)Astrid Illán
  • 一般教学法(3学分)Mariu Tesorero
  • 必修课学校汉语教师。(2学分 Sole Amián
  • 西班牙语母语学生特有问题(1学分)Taciana Fisac
  • 实习规划教案(5学分)Sole Amián.
  • 幼儿汉语教学方法(2学分)Zheng Lei
  • 小学汉语教学方法(4学分)Sun Shao Hua
  • 中学汉语教学方法(3学分)Shu Yuan Li
  • 新技术在汉语教学中的应用(1学分)Sun Shao Hua
  • 跨文化沟通能力,汉语语法(2学分)Sun Shao Hua
  • 西语(6学分)Daniel Redondo
  • 西语(6学分)Tatiana Pliego
  • 教室应用西语(1学分)Tatiana Pliego

This subject comprises 180 hours of practical work throughout which the student will be able to apply the knowledge acquired in the programme, teaching Chinese lessons.


Enrolment and tuition fees.

Fees amount to 5,185 Euros. The transfer fee shall be paid by the student.

Once fees have been paid up, if for any reason the student decides to withdraw, 95% of the amount paid will be refunded if this happens up to 1 month before starting the programme; 50% is refunded in case of withdrawing from 1 month to the start date of the programme and no refunds are made from the start date of same.

In case the student is refused the visa, 95% of the amount paid will be refunded in all cases (upon submission of the decision of the Spanish Consulate explaining the reason why the visa was refused).

Those students who have obtained the entry visa to Spain for students –providing for this purposes the registration in this Master's Degree– shall prove their return to their country of origin within 10 days from their withdrawal so that the fees can be refunded (95% if the student withdraws up to 1 month before starting the programme, 50% is refunded from 1 month to the start date of the programme and no refunds are made once the programme has started). Similarly, in case of withdrawing, the admission certificate in this programme shall not be used to obtain the NIE (Foreigner's ID number) or to extend the residence permit in Spain. The programme's management may inform the relevant authorities about the student's withdrawal.






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