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The fundamental aim of international internships is for students or recent graduates to obtain work experience which enhances their resumés before they join the job market, as well as for them to obtain work experience in another country, thus learning about different cultures, and increasing their real and functional language level.

The main Grants and Programs for working in international companies are:

ERASMUS+ Internships in European Companies.

These are internships of 2 to 3 months (in exceptional cases 2 months will be financed) in European companies, financed by the European Commission.

Prácticas INSIDE (Internships in Companies and Public Institutions for Students from the Inside Program)

Students on the Inside Programs have the opportunity to carry out internships in different public institutions and private companies abroad. This is part of the Atlantic Project and the aim is for our students gain experience with a view to joining the international labor market.

Other Internships

FARO GLOBAL- (Internships in companies in Europe, the USA, Canada, and Asia)

Faro Global is a grant which stimulates the mobility of students from Spanish universities through a program of training internships in companies in Europe, the USA, Canada, and Asia (including India, China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, amongst others).

VULCANUS- (Internships in Japan)

The VULCANUS program is aimed at students who are EU nationals in the third year of their degree or at Postgraduate level, from the branches of Science or Engineering, who are enrolled in a European university during the academic year in which the grant is requested. It involves carrying out an industrial internship in companies in Japan for a period of a year.

INTEGRANT - (Internships in the USA and Canada)

The Ministry of Education and Science, through its General Directorate of Universities, promotes and finances a program of nationwide grants which give Spanish university graduates the opportunity to carry out internships in companies in the USA and Canada for a period of six to twelve months.

ARGO (Internships in European Companies)

Argo is a project financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, intended for university graduates from any public or private university in Spain, which offers the opportunity to carry out an internship for professional training purposes in companies in Europe, the USA, and Canada. 

ICEX- (Theoretical and Practical Training and Internships in Spanish companies or international institutions)

The objective of the ICEX Grants (Institute of Foreign Trade/Commerce) is to train young professionals who specialize in providing companies with services for internationalization.

These programs, intended for university graduates, offer theoretical training in international trade and practical training in the different offices of the Foreign and Domestic Network of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, in Spanish companies with international activity or in international institutions.


Other European institutions, entities, organizations, and offices which also organize periods of internship are:

INTERNSHIPS AT THE UNITED NATIONS:The United Nations and its different agencies organize periods of internship, normally without remuneration and for university graduates. In the youth section on the United Nations website there is a full list of the different internship programs offered by the agencies of the United Nations. You may access this information by clicking here.


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