Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economy. (Online) Inter-University Deusto and Comillas.

Submission of applications:
Start: January 9, 2017
End: June 30, 2017.

4 years (Online/Part-time study)

Credits: 240 ECTS
Places available: 40, Spanish

The Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economy ensures basic training in three disciplines and looks at important additional content from the fields of law, sociology and international relations. This combined learning helps to clarify the decision-making mechanisms, foster the essential exercise of responsibility involved in such processes, build a clear understanding that people and the protection of their dignity are, and must be, the true purpose of the entire socio-political and economic framework and, ultimately, to draw up proposals from a perspective that could not be achieved through one single discipline or even a few.

The online program is aimed at students who are already studying another degree who are interested in enriching their training in all or some areas; at students from other countries who want to study, through distance learning, a Bachelor's Degree with the two Universities (University of Deusto and Comillas Pontifical University); and at people interested in studying a Bachelor's Degree that can be adapted to their availability in order to complete it over a period of time.



4 years

Places available:


Submission of applications:

January 9 to June 30, 2017.

Information on documentation to be submitted

Open Days:

Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 10:00 in Cantoblanco.

Financial information:

Course fees €1,026.00 plus nine monthly installments of €537.00 each.

Information about Study Grants


Online Formation

Information points:

Information and Student Reception Office
C/ Alberto Aguilera, 21 - 28015 Madrid 
Tel.: 91 540 61 32
Fax: 91 559 65 69
email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office hours

Applicant profile:

To be able to adequately study the Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, applicants are advised to ensure that their profiles cover the following characteristics:

  • A sufficient command of the Spanish language so as to successfully undertake basic learning activities on the philosophy program, such as following theoretical explanations given by lecturers and understanding philosophical texts.

  • An intellectual curiosity and inclination towards the methodical reflection and critical analysis of issues regarding human existence which arise in philosophy.

  • A willingness to participate in debates, respect other people's point of view and develop independent opinions.

Admission requirements:

As established in the corresponding academic regulation (Art. 1), to gain admission as a first year student to the University Faculties that teach the Bachelor's Degree combining Philosophy, Politics and Economy, fulfillment of all the requirements needed to study official Bachelor's Degrees in Spanish universities must be confirmed as set out in the current legislation.

In addition, to be accepted onto the Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economy, the corresponding application must be submitted in the manner and within the time specified, and a pass mark must be obtained for the admission exams established by the Admissions Committee of the relevant Bachelor's Degree. Decisions regarding admissions fall under the tenured authority of the Deans of the Faculties responsible for the Bachelor's Degree.

Admissions process and criteria:


  1. Academic Record: 60%

  2. A written statement by applicants in which the reasons and motivations for studying the Bachelor's Degree are stated: 20%

  3. Personal interview: 20%

A specific procedure has been developed for candidates wishing to study the online program which allows them, via the website of the Bachelor's Degree and communication devices, to access the required admissions tests without having to go to the University in person.


  1. Academic Record: 60%

  2. A specific admissions test comprising an aptitude and competency test: 20%

  3. A written applicant statement: stating in detail the reasons and motivations for studying the Bachelor's Degree: 15%

  4. English language level test: 5%

Services for students with special needs:

 'Support Program for Students with Disabilities'


KFL alumThe main academic routes stemming from the Bachelor's Degree are the Official Master's Degree program in Philosophical Research (geared towards the PhD in Philosophy) and the Official Master's Degree in Teaching Secondary and Pre-University Education (graduates can choose to teach philosophy and history). In addition, the Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy opens the doors to graduates, in principle, to any other Master's Degree at Spanish universities, provided that applicants meet the additional study requirements that are entailed given their level of specialized training as a graduate.

The professional skill set of graduates of the Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy must adapt to the gradual change in the profile of this Degree.

Graduate profile

As well as teaching and research, both discipline-based and inter-disciplinary, other career prospects include cultural management, publishing, mass media or on Ethics Committees.

Holders of the Bachelor's Degree are also able to work in other professions, including: in the upper civil servant tiers of Public Administration, by passing competitive exams, and in technical or specialist roles.


  • Socio-political adviser and consultant
  • Socio-political analyst
  • Manager of organizations


Academic prospects




Comillas Pontifical University:

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has exchange agreements with over 60 foreign universities on 4 continents (bilateral agreements under the Socrates-Erasmus framework) and with 6 national universities (SICUE framework).

Although this degree is taught online, it is envisaged that students living in Madrid (or those wanting to complete the administration process in Madrid) can benefit from participating in an academic exchange using the current structure in the Faculty.


University of Deusto:

The current Erasmus and SENECA/SICUE agreements, as well as those with foreign and national universities, are revised and renewed in order to assess the relevance of these degrees with regard to the objectives of the Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economy at the University of Deusto. In this regard, degrees have been assessed taking into account their type, duration in years and credits, placing special emphasis on the anticipated comparisons, career prospects and skills, along with the content of each one.

Preferential agreements have been established with 2 European universities and 1 American university for the purpose of developing a mobility plan that allows degrees to be collaboratively established with these universities. These preferential agreements involve study periods that last at least one year and the reciprocal mobility of 5 students per academic year.


El Grado en Filosofía, Política y Economía (Online) Interuniversitario Comillas y Deusto tiene una gran oferta en salidas profesionales ,las puedes ver en la OPE

Cualquier duda que tengas con el Grado en Filosofía, Política y Economía (Online) Interuniversitario Comillas y Deusto la puedes consultar en la SGAT

Grado en Filosofía, Política y Economía (Online) Interuniversitario Comillas y Deusto es internacional, consulta SRI

Además del Grado en Filosofía, Política y Economía (Online) Interuniversitario Comillas y Deusto de la Facultad de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales de la Universidad Pontificia Comillas también os puede interesar el grado en Filosofía y el Máster Universitario en Filosofía: Condición Humana y Trascendencia.


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