Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management [ADE], with International Concentration. (E-4)

Submission of applications:
Start: November 24, 2017
End: May 4, 2018

4 years (Full-time study)

Open Days
January 27 and April 14, 2018

Information session
November 24, 2017 and March 9, 2018

Credits: 240 ECTS
Places available: 180 E2/E4 Spanish/English/ French/German

The Degree in Business Administration and Management with International Mention (E4) is a double degree programme that requires studying two academic years in the same foreign institution as well as having some practical experience in each of the countries. To take this degree, an advanced knowledge of the language of the country in which the studies are to be carried out is required. The Comillas ICADE international partner network (IPBS) that participates exclusively in the double degree program consists of: North-eastern University, Boston (USA) University of San Diego (USA), Lancaster University (UK), Dublin City University (Ireland), NEOMA Business School (France) and ESB Business School, Reutlingen (Germany). Applicants for this degree will indicate their preferences when applying for admission: starting in Spain and then continuing their studies abroad or vice versa. The options of studying at North-eastern University, Boston, and University of San Diego, require beginning in Spain and completing the programmes in the United States.

  • Experience and Prestige: For over 50 years, ICADE, in particular through the E4 programme which has been running for over 30 years, has been preparing excellent professionals that make up the economic, business and political and cultural landscape of Spain and other countries.
  • Demanding: The holistic focus of training in an academic environment demanding high performance in each of the two languages of the sub-programme, technical knowledge, communication skills in foreign languages, learning of soft skills and education in values.
  • International: Exchange periods at the best Faculties and Business Schools in the world.
  • Professionalization: Structured and innovative learning from a professionalizing perspective with two internships included in the plan of studies. Teaching delivered by excellent academics and professionals from the business world.
  • Innovation: Innovative teaching-learning methods with the application ICT in the classroom.
  • Professional Insertion: The excellent employability of ICADE students is backed by technical academic knowledge, the practical experience acquired and command of different foreign languages.

Official Bachelor's Degree


Four years

New places available

180 E2/E4

Submission of applications

November 24 to May 4, 2018
Information about the documentation to submit

Open Days

January 27 and April 14, 2018

Information session

November 24, 2017 and March 9, 2018

Applicant Profile

The Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management is designed for students with a proactive attitude and approach to developing the knowledge and competencies required of professional business managers in a globalized world. As such, mobility and internationalization, together with professional internships in multinational companies, are key pillars of the activities on this course. Students must also be able to evaluate the economic and business world from a critical and holistic perspective, positioning them to become agents of social change.

Admission requirements:

To begin your studies is a prerequisite condition prove you accomplish with the legal requirements of access to the University

Admission process and criteria

The admissions test will take place on May 12, 2018 at c/ Alberto Aguilera, 23 in Madrid or at the German School of Santa Cruz de Tenerife [Colegio Alemán de Santa Cruz de Tenerife].

Admissions Coordinator: Prof. Dra. María Burzaco (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Admissions Coordinator: Prof. Dra. Gloria Martín Antón (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Information about the admissions test available for download

Services for students with special needs

Support program for students with disabilities


Four years.

Financial information

Course fees: €1.386,90 plus nine monthly installments of €1.348,08 each.

Information about study grants


Full-time study.

Information point

Information and Student Reception Office
C/ Alberto Aguilera, 21 - 28015 Madrid
Tel.:+34 91 540 61 32
Fax: +34 91 559 65 69
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office hours

Graduate profile:

The Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management provides students with the necessary personal and professional competencies to enable them to develop management positions in the different strategic areas of the company: finance, human resources, marketing, etc. or the public administration. It also provides students with the skills to start their own business.

Moreover, the Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management provides essential knowledge and skills necessary to prosper in different professional environments: national and international: companies, public and private and profit and non-profit organisations.

Related Postgraduate Programs

ICADE students are prepared to overcome the challenges of globalization and to act with the utmost professionalism in an international setting. In particular, students of the Bachelor's Degree E4 spend half of their time at one of the prestigious universities with which Comillas maintains a dual degree agreement, studying and working in a different language.

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The plan of studies for the E4 includes at least one compulsory internship at a prestigious public or private, national or international institution, start up or non-profit related to the professional area of the degree.

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  • Ability to analyze and synthesize
  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • Ability to organize and plan
  • Ability to manage information from several sources
  • Basic general knowledge of the area of study
  • Oral and written communication skills in the native language
  • Communication in a foreign language
  • Advanced IT knowledge relating to the area of study
  • Interpersonal skills: listening, discussing and debating
  • Leadership skills and ability to work in a group
  • Critical and self-critical skills
  • Ethical commitment
  • Recognition of and respect for diversity and multiculturalism
  • Ability to learn and work independently
  • Adaption to change
  • Action and quality orientated
  • Ability to prepare and transmit ideas, projects, reports, solutions and problems
  • Initiative and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Ability to analyse religious facts in the current social situation from the perspective of Christian Doctrine.
  • To develop the ability to prepare technical reports based on the efficient use of specific computer programs and databases for the resolution of accounting and financial questions.
  • Ability to use specific foreign language vocabulary within a business context in the areas of Management, Accounting and Finance, Economics and Marketing.
  • Understanding of the fundamentals of business management and ability to analyse the business questions through management functions.
  • Ability to identify and understand different economic variables that affect the company.
  • Ability to analyse the international reality from an economic point of view through the application of different economic policies.
  • Knowledge of fundamental legal concepts, the subjects of the Law, obligations and contracts and the legal forms of the company and legal aspects of business activity in the competitive functioning of the markets.
  • Knowledge of mathematic techniques that allow for the modelling and resolution of questions in the economic -business sphere.
  • Understanding and correct application of dynamic mathematic models and financial valuation.
  • Ability to handle, synthesize and analyse information. Knowledge of random phenomena and the process of statistical inference.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Econometric Models.
  • Knowledge and understanding of basic determining factors of human behaviour in organisations and management success, practising their application to allow the student to improve their people management skills.
  • To recognise the management of people in organisation as a value proposition for all stakeholders.
  • Knowledge and implementation of support tools for the definition and implementation of the company's strategy.
  • Knowledge and understanding of accounting as an information system of a company's economic-financial situation and of its results.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the accounting question regarding each of the assets and liabilities in a company's annual accounts in accordance with the general accounting regulation for SMEs.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the accounting information of the company and ability to analyse said information in order to make decisions.
  • Knowledge and ability to apply different cost accumulation and allocation systems.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the different areas of corporate finance as fundamental and deeply interrelated parts with the company's strategy for creating value.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the functions of the Finance Director and the area in which they operate, from the principles of Financial Management and the role of accounting information in financial analysis and decision making.
  • Knowledge of and ability to provide analysis of the financial system: Stakeholders, markets and financial products (national and international) and applicable regulation.
  • Knowledge of the concepts and activities framed within the Marketing function.
  • Knowledge of design, completion and monitoring of market research along with qualitative and quantitative techniques and their appropriate application.
  • Ability to prepare a Strategic Marketing Plan and develop its implementation based on knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts and tools used in Strategic Marketing Management.
  • Integration of Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility with elements such as strategy, Marketing, Financial Management and People Management in the Organisation, being familiar with all the major questions of ethics and social responsibility, with rational arguments for one's opinions and positions.
  • Ability to plan and complete research work in the area of Business Administration and Management or of a Business Plan.
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