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The objective is to promote the goals of both institutions and to stimulate improvement in education

More than 700 students have participated in the competition, which began in September

The King devoted nearly two hours to students and a group of colleagues representing the University, headed by the Rector, Julio L. Martínez, SJ.

The Unijes Conference on "Law and Poverty" was held at the University, organized by the Faculties of Law at Deusto, Comillas, Ramon Llull and Loyola Andalucía

The 3rd Meeting for Innovation in Educational Orientation of the "Orion Project" was held at the Uninpsi, at which professionals offer their opinions on educational orientation

Seven students from the University participated in the competition, held in Valdesquí

Nicolás Mediavilla and Rafael Fernández, President and General Manager at FAIN, respectively, postulate on family businesses, with examples from their own company

The Chair for Economic and Business Ethics at Comillas organizes the debate "Sustainable Development and Moral Capitalism" to enhance the United Nations Draft on Sustainable Development Goals

Participants were able to take advantage of the round tables, lectures and to participate in 25 practical workshops

The winning team includes three students from Law and Business Administration and Management (E-3) and another from Law and Political and Administrative Sciences (E-5)

The 1st Conference on Innovation in Corporative Government is held at Comillas, with the presence of the Chair for Financial and Business Ethics at the University

A team of three students from Comillas ICADE, among the first four qualifiers in the Moot Tournament of the European Court for Human Rights

All available places have been allotted and there are teams on the waiting list to participate in the 2nd International Football 7 Tournament “Unibail-Rodamco 2015” 

On Open House Day was held for the Masters Degree Programs in Law, at which Judge Ruz explained to students what a judge expects of a lawyer

The International Fair for Students and Educational Programs  (“Salón Internacional del Estudiante y de la Oferta Educativa” or  “AULA”, in Spanish), is the biggest showcase for the educational sector in Spain, held from March 4-8 

Fernando Ferrando, General Manager for Sustainability at ENDESA and Vice-President of the Renewables Foundation, participated in the last session of the GREDS Lecture Series

La universidad lleva más de 30 años trabajando en favor de la infancia, desde los ámbitos de la investigación, la docencia, la innovación y la divulgación

Miguel Rego, General Manager for Cyber-Security, closed the lecture series for the Open Classroom for the Information Society, which was devoted to cyber-delinquency

The University hosts the Madrid University Chess Championship, which brings together some thirty chess players from all of the universities in Madrid

Diplomacy, language and literature are tied together at a lecture for students of Translation and Interpreting and International Relations

Pessimism was the prevailing tone at the lecture “Millennium Objective 7: Ensure Environmental  Sustainability”

Twenty students have spent five weeks in schools in Sweden, Northern Ireland, Italy, Belgium, France and the United States

Más de 90 alumnos de la universidad colaboraron en la organización del torneo deportivo internacional

Comillas hosted the 8th International Conference on Fire-Safety Engineering and Fire Prevention

Juan Carlos Scanonne, SJ, gave a conference at en Comillas on People Theology

The 25 institutions from Spain and Portugal committed to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)  of the UN met at Comillas

Comillas hosts the conference “Do We Understand Laws?  The Norms for Language and its Complex Communication”, which brought together experts from the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nutrition and Environment

Alejandra Purón and Loreto Machés won the first edition of the José Pignatelli Debating Tournament

The book Diplomacia deportiva (Sports Diplomacy), which explains the benefits of sports in strengthening international relations and unity among nations, was presented at Comillas

Firemen, SAMUR Emergency Services and personnel from the University manage to evacuate the ICAI School of Engineering building after a simulated fire alarm and drill

A work on the processes of receptivity and socio-cognitive effects of films on immigration wins the 15th Holy Father Rubio, SJ Award

Verónica Pérez Campanero, a student in E-4, was the winner for a project which studies the cycles of Latin-American economies

La universidad adoptará soluciones de cloud computing como Office 365 para potenciar los servicios de comunicación y colaboración y optimizar la gestión educativa

Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia vindicate their condition as countries hinged between Europe and Asia and bring to light their political differences at the Matteo Ricci Forum

The University is collaborating with the “Fundación Edades del Hombre” in an exhibit which celebrates the five-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Saint Theresa of Ávila

More than 10,000 people participated in the run all over Spain for the right to an Education

The new three-year Undergraduate Degrees will not begin to be taught until the 2017-18 academic year

Nearly 700 candidates visited the University facilities and attended thematic class information sessions for each of the degrees

The Faculty of Theology hosted a conference to study the identity and peculiarities of consecrated life

The translator of the series and the actor who dubs Homer Simpson explain at Comillas the secrets of the job of Audio-visual Translator

Fernando Vidal, Director of the University Institute of the Family at Comillas, defended family unity in a globalized world at the “Madre Alberta” High School of Palma de Mallorca

Twenty-seven new PhD´s and four tenured Professors were honored,  51 students received extraordinary awards, and 33 members of University personnel celebrated their 25 and 40 years of service or their retirement

Comillas hosts We are Migrants, an exhibition organised by the NGO Entreculturas, that shows the conditions of inmigrants' lives on the borders

Five specialists at Comillas will discuss the current situation of the family in five lectures which will continue until March at the “Centro de Enseñanza Superior Alberta Giménez”

The Continuing Seminar on International Relations on the Millenium Development Objectives analyzed how to combat malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS, which kills 600 children each day

Mariano Rajoy welcomed the students to the Moncloa Palace for the signing of the agreement

The book " La Iglesia de los pobres en el Concilio Vaticano II" (The Church of the Poor in the Second Vatican Council) was presented at Comillas

Internships for students, training courses, the re-cycling of professionals, and research projects are some of the benefits of the agreement

The fifth session of the seminar on the importation of foreign workers (called “impatriación”, in Spanish) analyzed the fiscal conditions applied to those returning from abroad

The book Envejecimiento activo y discapacidad intelectual (Active Aging and Intellectual Disabilities), co-authored by the Director of the Chair for the Family and Disabilities at Comillas, analyzes the social challenges of an increase in life expectancy in the general public

Gabino Uríbarri leaves this post after six years as the Head of both Faculties

The agreement facilitates the carrying out of research projects and technological development, and allows students from the University to carry out internships in the company

The Paulines presented three books on Ecumenism and Inter-Religious Dialogue, fundamental aspects of their particular vocation

Javier M. Valle, an expert in Comparative European Education, criticizes the LOMCE and calls for a Competency-based Education, according to the recommendations of the EU

The book “Ética de las finanzas”, The Ethics of Finance, has as its goal to create a more just society in which money is earned by producing value

The “Seminario de Impatriación” (Seminar for Returning Expatriots) at Comillas analyzes the legal aspects related to Social Security and Health Care for workers who have changed countries

The Rectors from 76 public and private Universities met at Comillas

Los alumnos llegan a desde 33 países distintos para pasar en Comillas el segundo semestre del curso 2014-15

El Rector de Comillas, Julio L. Martínez, es miembro del comité desde julio de 2014

The start-up called “Groopify” has some 25,000 registered users, a presence in eight Spanish cities, and is included in the “Lanzadera” Program

 For the first time, one of the awards for the Best End-of-Studies Masters Degree Project was presented "ex aequo"

An international commission designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports evaluated the project

The Santander Chair for Law and Minors organized workshops for professionals from different areas to reach a consensus and to unify protocols for action

Comillas and the International Organization for Migration celebrated International Migrants Day 

A young girl of seven and a student from Electro-Mechanical Engineering were presented with their respective awards by the Rector

The University hosted the COMIUCAP Conference, at which the importance of Philosophy in Humanistic Education in Europe was treated

he German Ministry of Justice invited Cristina Carretero to explain how communication can be improved among legal officers, from the point of view of training

The Interpreting Services at police stations and in courts are managed at the present time by macro-companies with unqualified and inadequately-trained personnel

Campus de Cantoblanco

A representative of UNICEF analyzed the Millennium Development Objectives related to the child mortality rate and maternal health

Comillas analyzes causes and solutions for energy deficiency in developed countries with an approach from Economics

Professors of Economics debated the possibilities of reducing inequality in our country in the lecture series “Social Thought”

Marina del Corral Téllez, Secretary General for Immigration, inaugurated the seminar “Impatriation as a Tool for the Support of Internationalization”

The jury conceded 2 awards for the runners-up in the final round, Laura Irastorza López de Garayo and Irene Vázquez Gallarosa

The Group E-SOST at Comillas presents its report to the general public, “The Market of Sustainable Brands in Spain”, a pioneer in Spain

The experts who met at Comillas call for the liberalization of the market, a greater presence of renewable energies and the active participation of the general public

In this slum area, about 12 kilometers from the city, minors live surrounded by garbage and rodents, under the constant threat of having their precarious dwellings demolished

Six of the eight award-winners are students at our University

The text is based on the contents of the Masters Degree Program in Family and Partner Therapy

Three third-year students of Electro-Mechanical Engineering receive the award for the most innovative initiative in the Siemens Power Matrix Challenge

The women´s soccer team at Comillas finished in first place; the women´s volleyball team places second, and a student from Physiotherapy finishes in third place in tennis

Comillas participated in the 14th edition of Madrid Science Week with more than 30 activities and nearly 1700 persons attending

The Department of International Relations analyzed Australian foreign relations with representatives from this southern-hemisphere country

The 2nd International Conference “Challenges in Constitutionalism vis-à-vis European Integration” was held at Comillas

Members of different communities of Ignatian sprirituality and works in the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, met to reflect on the sharing of their missio

The total budget foreseen for this edition is 90,000 euros and the maximum grant per project is 15,000 euros

This award recognizes the success of the Conference "The Right to Health. Myth or Reality?", held at the University at the end of 2013

The students from the Debate Club reached the semi-finales in the 3rd Seneca Tournament and the 2nd Isabella of Spain Tournament as well

Policía y Guardia Civil piden en Comillas jueces más preparados, más medios policiales y más denuncias ciudadanas

Los ponentes de la jornada “Amenazas globales: Yihadismo y Estado Islámico” revelan que el EI podría tener capacidad para fabricar armas químicas

El seminario sobre los Objetivos del Milenio analizó la consecución del objetivo de igualdad y empoderamiento de la mujer

Participan en la competición alrededor de 900 deportistas de 29 universidades y centros de enseñanza superior de 13 países de Europa, Asia y África.

Vicente Garrido, miembro del Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters del Secretario General de la ONU, intervino en el espacio Tribuna Internacional

El centro, situado junto al Colegio del Recuerdo, ofrece servicios de psicoterapia y psicología clínica y proporciona formación práctica a los alumnos

Comillas celebra el 25º Aniversario de la Convención de los Derechos de la Infancia con una mesa redonda y la lectura del texto

La publicación ha incluido los ocho postgrados del centro en su lista de Master of Law (LLM)

Desde su experiencia de Dios y su compromiso con el pueblo, entendieron la universidad de un modo nuevo que nos ha inspirado a muchos, dijo el Rector

El ex Ministro de Justicia acudió a Comillas para impartir una conferencia dirigida a los alumnos del Máster Universitario de Acceso a la Abogacía

Los profesores José Antonio López y Ana Huesca son autores de la evaluación del plan, desarrollado por el organismo público Acción Cultural Española

El galardón reconoce la trayectoria académica extraordinaria de estudiantes de Derecho que, además, encarnan valores de la firma que lo patrocina

El ex Defensor del Menor de Madrid participó en el Seminario “Videojuegos e Infancia: Game Over” junto a especialistas de la universidad

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