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Different projects for Aristos Campus Mundus use low-cost technology to facilitate methods of therapy

AEFIN and the University organized jointly the Finance Forum 2015 at Comillas ICADE

Ana García-Mina speaks on this practice of performing pranks and practical jokes at the Summer Courses in El Escorial

Eduardo Torres is a student in the Undergraduate Degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering

The 1st Conference On Professional and Applied Ethics is held at Comillas

Miguel Martínez Muñoz studied Law and Business Administration and Management at the University and is carrying out research on Bankruptcy Law

The University hosted the 3rd Aristos Campus Mundus Conference on Innovation in Teaching

They presented a Research Project which arose from their experience in volunteering in the "Perú Project", sponsored by "Comillas Solidaria" (Comillas Solidarity)

The course, which will begin in September, is adapted to current educational and training needs

Throughout the next academic year, the respective Business Schools will offer their programs in Public Leadership in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Corporative Leadership in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

He treated the relationship between Christian Faith and European Society

A report by four universities, coordinated by the ICADE Legal Clinic, classifies the Detention Centers as true prisons

Professors at Comillas present a book on the Sustainability of the Welfare State in Spain

The event sought to commemorate the Templeton Prize for the philosopher and theologian Jean Vanier

The number of racist crimes in Spain is lower than in Europe

Almudena Rodríguez Tarodo led a workshop during Open Day at ICADE Business School

Student registrations have doubled compared with the first edition

Antonio Garamendi participates in the Open Classroom for Public Leadership at Comillas and MAS Consulting

The Rector participated in the presentation of the encyclical at the Spanish Episcopal Conference

A Professor from the Harvard School of Public Health presented the findings of her research on children affected by war at the International Doctoral School

Irene Villa was the special guest invited to the event for the presentation of diplomas

At the meeting, initiatives for collaboration were proposed and suggestions were made for the General Congregation 36

This award-winning project received the participation of students in the DEMOS Program

"ScaleUpSpain" seeks to connect Spanish entrepreneurs with investors and leaders in the technological sector in the USA

The University plans to devote different events to the analysis and spreading of the Encyclical

Laura González Flórez was honored as a Baker Scholar

The Pastoral Directive “The Church, at the Service of the Poor” is presented at Comillas, with references to poverty, solidarity and corruption

The program links techniques and biomechanical tools with sports physiotherapy

LEDmyBike is an Entrepreneurial Project that attempts to change the nature of security for bicycles

Another student from the University received the second prize

The team called "El Barril" won the tournament, in which some 352 students at the University participated

The "Centro de Enseñanza Superior Alberta Giménez, CESAG (Alberta Giménez Center for Advanced Studies) is an institution affiliated with this University

Pedro García Fernández, University Champion for Spain in the 110 meter hurdles, is named Sportsman of the Year

The University is in the third position, according to the ranking by “Fundación Conocimiento y Desarrollo” (Knowledge and Development Foundation) 


The Archbishop of Madrid asked them "to attend to those who we find to be weaker and more vulnerable in the university environment"

The graduates in Undergraduate and Official Masters Studies received their diplomas and certification of graduation

The students will visit several countries for six months as part of an agreement with Atento, an outsourcing company

Comillas hosts the technical conference on "Water: Needs and Vital Infrastructure for Smart Cities in the 21st Century"

The former President of Uruguay, José Mujica, delivered a formal lecture organized by Comillas and Casa de América

Antonio Cantalapiedra, co-founder of MyTaxi España, received the award in the category for Innovation

Comillas y la editorial Sal Terrae presentaron el libro "La familia a la luz de la misericordia"

Comillas hosted, as well, the presentation for the book "Electrical Energy. A Basic Manual for Lawyers"

The "PAL", as it is known in Spanish, brings together communities, projects and institutions linked to the Jesuits in Madrid

The price of energy, low incomes and low efficiency, are among the reasons given by "Economics for Energy" at Comillas

Two specialists delivered the lecture "How to Eat to Prevent Cancer"

Jaime Sémelas García Urgelé received an award in the category of Best Individual Speaker

El congreso llevaba por título "Trabajo social sanitario: Ciudadanía y salud"

The President of "Ford España" presents the "2nd Edition of the Program for Financial Aid in the Creation of Youth Employment" at Comillas

Forbes premia a la Facultad de Derecho en los Premios Forbes a la Abogacía

Pablo Cosío will spend a year at the world headquarters of the company in Munich

The Faculty of Law at the University has organized a new edition of this competition in International Mercantile Arbitration

The University holds a Conference to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Reinstatement of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, in Spain

This student is taking classes, doing an internship and taking exams, at the same time as taping the program

The Official Masters Degree Program in Human Resources, in the ICADE Business School, is nominated at the 1st Edition of the ""RRHH Excellence Awards 2015"

Comillas invites the principal specialists in energy to the 12th Annual Conference of this Chair, at which the importance of waste as a source of energy was emphasized

Felipe Calderón, former President of Mexico and Director of the Global Commission on Economics and Climate, requests the inclusion of climate issues in strategic decisions

Students in the "Consultoría Social ICADE" (ICADE Social Consulting Group) analyzed the presence of religious themes on Internet for "entreParéntesis" (a Jesuit inter-disciplinary center)

Researchers from these three Aristos Campus Mundus institutions shared their projects on industrial systems and energy technologies

Royón has been a Vice-Rector and a Professor at Comillas and the Provincial Head of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits

The program has developed five projects this year which utilize Internet to foment meetings between people of similar interests and concerns

The jury presents the awards for entries in the categories of Short Stories, Poetry, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Photographic Series and Short Films

The University hosted the international meeting "Migrants and Social Protection Floors", with specialists in migrations studies from several European countries

The University is leading a research project on the Financial Sustainability of the Welfare State in Spain

Graduates from the first graduating class in International Relations and Translation and Interpreting are completing their studies in the most prestigious institutions in the world

This Masters Degree student in Industrial Engineering at Comillas ICAI was the best in the category of 110 meter hurdles

The students analyzed the professional tasks of social workers in emergencies

Irene Almazán Sotillos is studying in the dual degree in International Relations and Translation and Interpreting

Robert Waldinger, an expert psychiatrist from the United States, analyzes, along with a group of Masters Degree students, the particular cases of patients who are working with these students

The Publications Service and the Library Service propose diverse activities for the University Community

The conference was centered around Sports Physiotherapy and was characterized by a high degree of participation by international speakers

The winning team developed a video orientation service for the intellectually-handicapped which indicates the route to follow within the Metro Transportation Network

The degrees in Translation and Interpreting and International Relations at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICAI-ICADE are leaders in teaching and innovation

Fifty-four Undergraduate students participate in "Alumnos de Enlace" ("Linking" Students Together), an initiative whose goal is to integrate students into university life

The Paleontologist Simon Conway Morris participated in the 6th Fliedner Conference on “Science and Faith” by expressing his reservations on whether Humankind is the inevitable destiny of Evolution

Sandra Waddock, a Professor from Boston College, delivered a lecture on Business Ethics within the framework of the Open Classroom on Management and Values

Cristina J. Gortázar, a Professor of Law at Comillas, testified before a Sub-Committee of the Congress to analyze human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation

Comillas joins the debate in Criminology with the first Conference on Criminology: Social Control, Human Rights and Security

The "San Juan de Dios" University School of Nursing and Physiotherapy holds the 35th Nursing Contest and the 6th SJD Physiotherapy Contest

Comillas, through the University Institute of Migration Studies, joins in the commitment to immigrants in Europe and Africa

Canadian Ted Whiteside, NATO Acting Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy, analyzed the challenges of this defense organization in the 21st Century at Comillas

The experts, at a lecture at Comillas, encouraged the fomenting of R&D in the recycling sector and technologies of traceability to learn how waste is re-used

Mario Nalpatian, of the Armenian National Council, participated in a talk at Comillas on the 100th Anniversary of the Turkish massacre of Armenian Christians

The Rector, present at the event, reminded the audience that becoming familiarized with current developments keeps us connected to the world and changes us inside

Rebeca Grynspan and José Antonio Ocampo called for more transparent governments, better management and a greater presence of industry at the Conference for the Presentation of the Chair for Latin America

Juan Antonio Marcos delivered a lecture on this Saint from Ávila at the Open House Day for the Faculties of Theology and Canon Law

The Assistant Director for Relations with Religious Faiths and Confessions ("Relaciones con las Confesiones", in Spanish) participated in the 35th Conference on Current Issues in Canon Law

During the Open Classroom on Energy Technologies, the former Director of Technology at HUNOSA, José Antonio Sáenz de Santa María Benedet, defended fracking and technologies that allow for the extraction of more hydrocarbons

The former King inaugurated the Chair for Latin America and congratulated the Universidad Pontificia Comillas on this new creation

This Jesuit priest was an outstanding figure during the Spanish Transition

The participants in the 2nd Alumni Association Reunion for students from La Rioja were able to enjoy a lecture on Interim Management delivered by Alfonso de Benito

The Rector and ten professors from the University participated in the meeting

José Manuel Soria, Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, delivered a lecture with the title "The Reindustrialization of Spain"

The dual degree in International Relations and Translation and Interpreting held a conference on development, foreign policy and the Millennium Development Goals

The Jesuit Universities unite in calling on Pope Francis to work for all Kenyans and for an end to the violence

The Comillas Debate Club has participated in the main national competitions with remarkable results


This financial aid is aimed at outstanding students who lack the necessary financial resources to pay for the cost of Higher Education

The ICAI School of Engineering presented the awards to the best thirteen End-of-Studies Final Projects in the academic year 2013-14

The BP Chair for Energy and Sustainability at Comillas presents the results of its annual observatory at the University, which shows improvements in the indices for sustainability

The University has signed an agreement which enlarges the student exchange program to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Comillas

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences hosts a new edition of the "Kenneth Waltz Theoretical Seminar on International Relations"

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