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The closing of the 36th edition of this conference was carried out by the Archbishop of Madrid, Mons. Carlos Osoro

The Faculty of Theology is organizing the studies conference "Go Forth and Do the Same"

Sixty-nine teams and 651 students competed in 370 matches

The Program in Public Leadership in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is one of the 100 Best Ideas according to “Actualidad Económica” 

The program includes internships in the field, preferably abroad

The Chair for Family and Handicaps presented two theses at the 4th Ibero-American Conference on Downs Syndrome

Experts in computer security issues at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICAI-ICADE analyzed the trends in cyber-crime and cyber-security at a breakfast with the press

"You are all extraordinary, this is not a product of chance”, the CEO of Everis said to them

This student from Comillas ICAI competed on the MMT.SEGUROS-YM S.A. Team (MMT.Insurance-YM S.A.Team)

Bruno Martín Baumeister is a specialist in Banking and Corporate Law

Five teams with some 37 students from Comillas participated in the tournament

They advanced as far as the final rounds of this contest, held in Strasbourg

He is an alumni of Theology and Educational Sciences

This is the only Spanish postgraduate degree accepted by the Consortium for European Masters in Conference Interpreting

244 members of the University were able to donate on site

The conference was devoted to the theme of mental illness

The organizations for social action of the Church have signed a joint declaration rejecting the agreement

The figures for internationalization in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Comillas continue to increase for the third consecutive year

Michel Camdessus spoke at a lecture organized by the Chair for Latin America and called for the creation of an “organization of political authority with more sweeping powers”

The Conference "Distances in Education – AcercARTE" (Approach the ARTS) is held

José Luis Fernández presented his book "Capitalism. Are Market Laws enough to Regulate the Economy?"

The event will be a meeting point for current University students and future students in Alcobendas

The award-winning programmers were also presented with the global award from HackForGood Madrid

The University hosted the Madrid University Chess Championship for yet another year

Bachelor in Global Communications with International Relations, Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, along with Physical Therapy, are among the new degrees

The Wednesday Lecture Series is held under the title "Dialogue with Technology: Universal Design Applied to Technology for Life"

Claudia Sánchez Marcos was recognized by being named to the Dean´s List at the A.B. Freeman School of Business, during her semester exchange

Jorge Laso and Gonzalo Cubillo were victorious and received a trophy for the debate in English on Syria

The ranking seeks to identify the Spanish Leaders of the future

Among the proposals is the joint undergraduate degree in Political Philosophy and Economics

Íñigo Sagaz Spottorno won the 200 meters sprint competition

The scholarships are aimed at financing studies in Environmental Engineering in Spain

The course includes classes at the University, professional lectures and visits to the workplace and cultural centers

Christopher Hughes, a specialist from the London School of Economics, analyzed the relation between domestic and foreign politics in China at Comillas

The speakers informed on the existence of new technologies for reactors and fossil fuels which contaminate less

Antonio Orden is already preparing to compete in the European championship against a Ukrainian fighter

Professors from ICADE Business School and Deusto Business School analyze the platforms of the PP, PSOE, “Ciudadanos” and “Podemos” political parties

"Supporting Victims of Human Trafficking who are Exploited in the Sex Trade" was sponsored and financed by the Delegation of the Government for Gender-Related Violence

Two students are awarded by the “Fundación ONCE” (ONCE Foundation for the Blind) and visit the University to learn more about good practices in the Office for Social Work (the office which attends to anyone needing special assistance to study at the University)

The experts argue at Comillas in favor of regulating and professionalizing lobbies, given the new political climate

The office has re-designed its web page to improve its offer for services

The Chair for Science, Technology and Religion at the University organized an International Symposium called "Naturaleza Humana 2.0" (Human Nature 2.0)

Experts from Comillas offered a workshop in Seville on the reform of the System for the Protection of Childhood

The awards are sponsored by prestigious law firms

This student organization is designing a motorcycle to compete at MotoStudent

Economics for Energy held its annual workshop

Pedro Álvarez Lázaro is managing a Project in which other researchers at Comillas are participating

“House of One” was presented at Comillas, a building which will house the three religions under the same roof

The Faculty of Law will analyze social policies and those related to general welfare

He fomented Education in the promotion of Justice at universities and Jesuit Schools

The Faculty of Theology organized the debate "Laudato Si´ from a Theological Perspective and in Conjunction with Science

Both universities have an agreement for collaboration and for student exchange

Mirco Sydow received the first prize for a study on International Marketing

Members of the University Community received their awards and recognition

The call for grants saw applications from some 700 students with brilliant transcripts from all over Spain

The University hosts an Open Classroom for Family Businesses under the title of "Non-Banking Alternative Financing"

The journalist Pilar Cebrián recounted her journey with refugees to students of International Relations and Translation and Interpreting

The University Institute of Migrations Studies and the Jesuit Service for Migrants organized a conference on this theme

The archives specialists from Deusto and Comillas explained this further at the Conference “Education in Spain.  History and Archives”

As Director of the ICADE Business School, she received this award, presented by “Cinco Días” and Manpower

This represents a call for welcoming and fomenting the spirit of Solidarity for immigrants and refugees

This Law Professor attended as a speaker to talk about the prevention of abuse of agreements for double taxation

Lia Morell was honored for her excellent transcript of grades and Mar Ramos and Iria Gómez for their End-of-Studies Masters Degree Final Projects

In total, more than one-thousand foreign students will spend a semester or a year at the University

The contribution by Comillas to the latest edition of “Operation Kilo” totaled more than 400 kilos and nearly 1900 euros

These awards, which are now in their third edition, recognize research projects in the field of Intellectual Property

More than thirty students have followed these new Post-graduate studies in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The University teams were victorious twice; they were runners-up three times and obtained three awards for the best orator

She has been a Professor at Comillas since 1975 and was the Dean of the Faculty of Law (ICADE)

Con solo 30 años, Carlos Blanco es el miembro más joven de la Academia

Students from Comillas “donated” 4145 hours

The NGO “Red Acoge” presented the report  “Inmigracionalismo 3” at Comillas in which it analyzes the way immigration is reflected in the press

The Director of the Spanish Office for Climate Change visited Comillas ICAI to speak about the “COP21” (as the Conference was also referred to)

In February an international symposium on human nature will be held

The book "Líneas de NO libertad" (Lines of NON-Liberty), by Alejandro de Villota, an alumni of Psychology at Comillas, was presented

Javier Vega de Seoane, President of the "Círculo de Empresarios" (Association of Businessmen and Businesswomen), participated in the programs for leadership and entrepreneurship at Deusto Business School and ICADE Business School

The much celebrated baritone Ruggero Raimondi received the University Medallion and promised to offer a free concert next year

The forum centered around the creation of a specific framework for the protection of minors with handicaps

The Open Classroom for the Information Society continues at Comillas Alumni

The delegation, which was provided information on military actions by this organization, was welcomed by the Spanish Ambassador for the NATO alliance, Miguel Aguirre de Cárcer.

Elena Gao, Gonzalo López Oleafa and Sergio Leopoldo are among the winners

The Chair for the Family and Handicaps participated in a conference on the International Day for the Handicapped

Federico de Montalvo and Isabel Álvarez proposed systems of evaluation for laws at a forum organized by the Peruvian Congress

Santander, CRUE and CEPYME have signed an agreement

The publication has included eight Masters Degree Programs in the Faculty in its list of Masters of Law (LLM) 2015

A conference by the Chair for the Family and Disabilities presents cases of success in Education and Entrepreneurship

The NY Bar Exam will enable them to exercise as lawyers in the State of New York

The Rafael Mariño Chair for New Energy Technologies at Comillas ICAI requests that there be coherent energy policies

The University is working on obtaining external quality certification for its Schools, Faculties and Departments 

The process of evaluation of Ecclesiastical degrees was discussed

More than 1000 students, coming from 44 universities from around the world, participated in the third edition

“Universities need all of the functions that are performed by social centers”, said the Rector

Themes such as Economics, Ethics, Religion, Business and the Common Good, Mysticism and Agnosticism were discussed

A Professor in the Department of International Relations participates in an international seminar on China and Latin America at the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

It will be a meeting point for professionals in the business and legal areas as well as for the exercise of Law

The book "Migrantes forzosos" (Migrants by Force) was presented at a round table in which Francesca Friz-Prguda, a representative of ACNUR in Spain, among others, participated

The French Ambassador inaugurated the lecture on French foreign policy

Three important university alumni were recognized at the 11th edition of the awards

El Rector de Comillas transmitió sus condolencias al Rector de la Universidad Católica de París

José Ramón Sanz delivered a lecture at the Open Classroom for Comillas Alumni

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