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e A study is presented at Comillas ICADE on wasting food in the city of Madrid, where some 2% of homes are considered to be “sizeable wasters”

Aprovechamiento de alimentos en Madrid WEBIf you are under 35 years of age, if you have advanced studies, live in a home with three members or less, if you have a medium or high income and you live in a middle or high income district of Madrid, it is highly likely that you are a “waster” of food.  This is the profile of the “biggest waster”, according to the survey on wasting food in homes that the grupo de investigación E-SOST (E-SOST Reserach Group), in the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration Comillas ICADE, has carried out for the NGO Prosalus.  

According to Victoria Labajo, main researcher for the Study and Dicrector of E-SOST, “these wasters do not plan their purchases, they do not check the dates for preferred consumption and expiry dates, neither do they keep leftovers of food which, in 21% of cases, is thrown away”.  In spite of the fact that in households in Madrid a certain care is perceived in not wasting food, the study shows that 7% of those surveyed recognize that they throw away food with a certain frequency.e.

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